A Western Railway Staple #WhereInTheWorld REVEALED

The Churchgate Railway is part of the Mumbai Suburban Railway located in South Mumbai and is the southern most station in the city. The name Churchgate is derived from Church Gate Street which sits on the south end of the railway station. An extremely busy rapid transit station, the Churchgate Railway serves as commuter hub for Maharashtra’s most populous city, Mumbai.

The railway runs over 289 miles and carries over 7.5 million commuters daily. At a 2.64 billion annual ridership, it is the busiest rapid transit systems in the world as well as one of the most dangerous. Over a span of 10 years over 36,000 deaths have occurred on the tracks and nearly 37,000 more have sustained injuries primarily due to overcrowding. Due to it’s dense local population, the Mumbai Suburban Railway is faced with extreme overcrowding with a Crush Load of as many as 16 standing passengers occupying a one square meter area. The railway, however, hopes to reduce these dangers by updated all cars with longer platforms, automatic doors, and more frequent trains by 2016.


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