A Little Ditty about Jan and Diane

Jan and Diane on their wedding day.This fall, love is in the air at Pol Clinic as Charles plans a surprise anniversary getaway for his parents. But there are sick animals across central Michigan that need Dr. Pol before he can get out of town and celebrate 46 years of marriage with Diane.

First up is a bellowing, bloated calf with a problem much worse than a bellyache. One of Keith Hubble’s calves has bloat, a problem Dr. Pol decides to tackle with a tool called a trocar. He hopes the trocar will help eliminate the excess gas that’s causing the bloat. Only time with tell if the trocar will be enough to fix up this little guy.

Meanwhile at the clinic, Dr. Brenda is dealing with a snarly dog that has a gnarly hot spot on his cheek. Even with a name like Bear, his growl is worse than his bite. Since he doesn’t like his face being touched, Dr. Brenda has a tough time convincing this fury fiend to cooperate.

Still, every so often a client comes in that stops everyone in their tracks. Tonight, it’s a new mother that has endured a serious blow. Her name is Miss Kitty – a beloved family cat suffering from a severe gunshot wound. Will Dr. Pol be able to save Miss Kitty and her kittens?

From dachshunds to Rottweilers, sore husky pups, and an abandoned pit bull, Dr. Pol and his entire staff have their hands full this fall season with pets of all shapes and sizes.

Charles still has big plans up his sleeve to make up for years of missing his parents’ anniversary and intends to chauffeur them away from the hustle and bustle of the clinic. Get ready to be swept off your feet as you fall head over heels for this unpredictable Pol love story.

Tune in to The Incredible Dr. Pol: Puppy Love Saturday, September 6th at 9P.


  1. Elsie Hegerberg
    September 12, 2014, 7:42 pm

    This show is great. Can’t believe someone wants it canceled. I think Dr. Pol does all he can possibly do to help all his patients. Please do not cancel a reality show that actually makes sense.

  2. Susie Stotts
    payson, ill
    October 18, 2014, 8:47 pm

    With all the crap on tv this is the show you want canceled, what is wrong with people. I love love this show along with millions of other people. He loves the animals and their owners, he’s devoted to his practice and that is endearing. Having numerous animals myself I very much appreciate his dedication. Please please please leave this shpw on the air.