Celebrate World Lion Day: Build a Boma!

Today is World Lion Day, and what better way to raise awareness for these amazing big cats, than to see what can be done to protect them.  The people of Tanzania and Kenya are facing a major problem with lions.  And as a result, the lions are facing serious issues with people.  The lions are coming into the villages and attacking livestock, which takes away from the livelihoods of the locals.  As a result, the community retaliates and kills the lions.  This may seem like a never-ending deadly cycle, but National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative thought of a solution: the Build a Boma campaign.

So…what’s a boma?  A boma is a livestock enclosure and fence that costs $500 to build and $25 a year to maintain.  It protects the cattle and other farm animals from the from lions, but also protects the lions from bringing danger to themselves.  It’s too expensive for the community to maintain, so they are relying on donations for building these lifesaving structures.  Even a small contribution can make a big difference.

A Boma

Learn more about the Build a Boma campaign and find out how you can make a difference.  Stop a deadly cycle before it starts.

Build A Boma