A Zulu Welcoming #WhereInTheWorld REVEALED

This is a group of Zulu dancers from the Gasa clan at Phezulu village. The Phezulu village is located in the Valley of 1,000 Hills, valley rifts that rise and fall along the Umgeni River and its tributaries. The Zulu have welcomed outsiders into their village for well over thirty years to share their culture and traditions with others. Through the various programs and guided camps, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and without a doubt, feel the rhythms of Africa.

Traditional Zulu dancing is a huge part of Zulu life.  Performed during weddings, ceremonies, and celebrations, the spectacular rhythm and beautiful traditional, attire make for an incredible display.  Zulu clothing varies by age and marital status. Young, unmarried men lead the dance by tradition, alternating their efforts in separate groups with the young women. On occasion, the married men and women join in on the festivities as well.

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