How to Make Ice (That Doesn’t Suck) and Other Mundane Marvels Explored

Tonight marks the series premiere of a brand new how-to show of epic proportions, Going Deep With David Rees, that teaches you how to do the things you think you already know how to do. Each episode of this hilariously dry-witted how-to adventure series, David Rees, humorist and self-made aficionado of the everyday, tackles unassuming tasks such as tying your shoes or making the perfect ice cube for your delicious beverages. Get to know the science and the history behind the seemingly mundane and uncover an unexpected appreciation for even the simplest of tasks. Think you already know everything there is to know about swatting a fly? Think again.

The series kicks off tonight at 10P with “How to Make an Ice Cube.” David is tired of sullying his beverages with inferior ice. When he fixes himself a drink at home, he wants it to look like the cocktails you see in high-end liquor ads: a tumbler filled with ice that glitters like diamonds (only cubed). Join David as he gathers expert advice from icemakers, ice sculptors, ice harvesters, glaciologists and venerable Buddhist monks — you’ll never freeze water the same way again. We even put together a handy little infographic based on David’s own sketches for you to take with you:


The fun continues at 10:30P with “How to Tie Your Shoes.” No really. Most of us still keep our shoe laces knotted the same way we learned when we were kids, but what other methods are possible, and which one will lead to optimal shoelace tying? Is there really such a thing as the perfect knot? David consults with survivalists, surgeons and even an evolutionary biologist to find out what kind of laces and knots we should be using in our footwear, as well as an answer to the age-old question — should we be wearing shoes at all?

Are you ready to learn everything about everything you thought you already knew? Don’t miss the series premiere of Going Deep With David Rees tonight at 10P!


  1. Bill Knoop
    Staten Island, NY
    July 14, 2014, 10:10 pm

    The so-called ‘dry wit’ is downright sophomoric, and sometimes excruciating. The subject matter is intriguing, but I doubt if I’ll subject myself to it again. Consider the fact that there are many adults in your audience. Please take it up a notch. Humor is fun, but know your audience.

  2. Michael B.
    Seattle, WA
    July 15, 2014, 2:56 am

    I just wanted to let the producers of “Going Deep with David Reese”, know that this show is very entertaining, as well as informative. Conversely, other shows which Nat Geo has produced have not been very fun to watch, therefore not very informative (Brain Games). David Reese provides an avenue of entertainment for information to speed into my brains! My only suggestion would be to take the writers from “Brain Games” , if different, and put them to work for “Going Deep”. Also, more Mike Rowe, however you can manage that. Conclusion: Excellent new show, away with brain games, more Mike Rowe.

    Thank You
    -Mike B.

  3. Willy Simon
    Wash DC
    July 15, 2014, 8:09 pm

    The ice cube show, for the short time I watched, was pathetic. I would have liked to hear more from the Professionals and a LOT LESS from Mr. Rees. We spent three minutes on the ice cube show and under a minute on the shoelace extravaganza. For a channel that sets the bar high for it’s quality productions, this is a flop and needs to be euthanized soonest.

  4. David Moneypenny
    July 15, 2014, 9:55 pm

    Very good facts but very slow coming with them it’s like watching a 5 year old and not very humorous at all, like the ice cubes he ask (what’s ice made of?) duh if your over 18 and don’t know this you mite want to go back to school, plus the guy acts very dum. Don’t think I’ll be watching it agin very disappointing.