Africa’s Big Five Safe Haven #WhereInTheWorld REVEALED!

This gorgeous, fiery sunset was captured on the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. Moremi was founded in a concerted effort by the local Batawana community and a team of wildlife conservationists in 1963. Setting aside a third of the beautiful Okavango Delta in an effort to protect the regions wildlife, their foresight and concern for local wildlife has paid off as Moremi is said to have some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa – not to mention killer sunsets!

Home to Africa’s Big Five – the Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo and, thanks to the reintroduction initiative on Chief’s Island, the White Rhino. The land is covered in water lily covered lagoons, beautiful floodplain wetlands, and sprawling forests of Mopane trees, also known as Cathedral Mopane.

Although the impressive Big Five are residents of the Moremi, the reserve is perhaps best known for its African Wild Dog population. A thriving population, the Moremi is home to over 300 of the world’s remaining wild dogs.

Due to its abundance of wildlife and beauty, the Moremi is home to several of Botswana’s leading camps for Safari. The best time of year is said to be during the dry winter season as animal herds are more predictable and tend to move toward reliable water sources in the Delta.