The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? Continues Tonight With Friends and Enemies!

Night two of the 3-night miniseries event, The ‘90s: The Last Great Decade?, continues tonight at 9P with Friends and Enemies. Rivalries were rampant in the ‘90s, and this episode covers some of the greatest conflicts of the decade with first-person insights from the heroes and villains of the decade. The women’s figure skating drama that led to one of the most-watched events on television gets commentary from Tonya Harding about her involvement in Nancy Kerrigan’s accident and, later, face-off. Television covered all of the violence that permeated the decade, including everything from brawls on Jerry Springer to American soldiers being dragged across the streets of Mogadishu in Somalia.

The fear of big government became very prevalent in the’90s, contributing, in-part, to conspiracy theories about UFOs and aliens to the horrible events at Waco and subsequent Oklahoma City bombing that would traumatize the nation. Events like the OJ Simpson trial polarized the nation, while the Matthew Shepard murder (mostly) united it in shock. Even the most popular of stars weren’t safe, as evidenced by the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur. Americans sought out new ways to cope with all of these horrors in drugs like Vicodin and Prozac, while a government shutdown in which Bill Clinton ended the era of big government played out to a lighter backdrop of Friends (“So no one told you life was gonna be this way…”) and the Macarena.

Check out this clip from tonight’s two-hour episode with commentary from the creator of The X-Files Chris Carter about why the show was such a hit in America and how it tapped into the society’s anxiety in the face of big government:

Be sure to tune in tonight at 9P and head over to to test your ‘90s trivia knowledge. Play along live to earn double points as new questions are unlocked throughout the episode. Top the leaderboard and take home some awesome ’90s prize packs (not to mention, bragging rights)!


  1. unknown
    July 9, 2014, 1:35 am

    Seriously, Matt Shepard? Knowing cops and deputies that personally investigatd that crime. It had nothing to do with being gay and everything to do with ;being a Meth addict,. Every cop in Wyoming knew he was on a hard drug run..
    Seriously, nothing to do with the rest of the US
    Gay or straight, the only people who cared, weer the drug suppliers dealing with him? He was an addict not a hero. Read the actual reports and everyone will learn that. The only that person cared this was someone’s we can’t reach..