5 Painful GIFs from Science of Stupid

That’s right! Now with GIFs! See the pain as it was meant to be seen!

This week we’ve been treated to a Science of Stupid four episode block. And boy, is there a lot of stupid. Right Seth?


It’s hard to know where to begin with so much stinging science to cover. Let’s start on the water, shall we?

5) A Bridge Over Troubled Watersports Enthusiasts

Hey is that a bridge?
Hey is that a bridge?

PAIN SCORE: 4 sighs of relief

IMPACT POINTS: Right side of body, luck reserves

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING: When boat towing an object turns, the object turns as well.  However, the rope means the object has to travel further in the same amount of time as the boat… and therefore, faster. So our speedy wakeboarding friend uses this force to pick up some speed. He narrowly averts outright disaster by dodging full impact at the last second.


No dodging that
No dodging that

This guy hits a stationary object, then the ground. Double whammy.

DID YOU KNOW: Wakeboarding was originally known as “skurfing.” Why do they always bail on the better name?

4) That Does Look So B– Wait, Does That Head Wrap Around–

Watch closely
Watch closely

PAIN SCORE: 6 splitting headaches

IMPACT POINTS: Neck (watch for it because OMG), head, back

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING: There are two types of momentum at play during a high bar routine: angular and linear. Angular keeps the person spinning, while linear determines speed and direction of travel when the bar is released. Anyway, this guy only has one of those in his favor. Can you guess which?


"I'm gonna stick this landargh--"
“I’m gonna stick this landargh–“

There could always be a crowd.

DID YOU KNOW: Another factor dictating a gymnast’s success on the high bar is grip. There are five main grips that are used depending on style, speed, and moves.

3) Baptism by Filth

Not a great escape plan
Not a great escape plan

PAIN SCORE: 7 shocked profanities muttered under my breath

IMPACT POINTS: Abdomen, face, arms

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING: Like so many accidents, this comes down to a high center of gravity and having enough momentum to cruise right on past it. Double the height equals half the force necessary to topple a truck like this over. And over it toppled. I have no idea how he survived, but he did.


Maybe try faster next time
Maybe try faster next time

He could have fallen out of that truck and landed on a bunch of wrecked cars instead of in the soft embrace of warm mud.

DID YOU KNOW: Monster trucks cost around $150,000, so it’s kind of an expensive hobby. Hope I didn’t ruin your plans for your Holiday Bonus. I’m just kidding. Who gets a Holiday Bonus anymore?

2) Thee Thaw Dentithtry

There was blood but I'll spare you
There was blood but I’ll spare you

PAIN SCORE: 8 ER nurses laughing at how this happened

IMPACT POINTS: Chin, mouth, teeth, tongue

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING: Well, there are scientific principles behind seesaws (lever and fulcrum FTW!), but this is just sheer idiocy. Sorry kid, but holy heck that was stupid. The only consolation I can offer was that your friend is equally dumb, just luckier.



Really, the outcome doesn’t get any worse. I’m just inserting this GIF to highlight a more successful seesaw stunt. Look at them go!

DID YOU KNOW: Seesaw is just one of many names for this classic playground activity. There’s teeter-totter, tilt, dandle, teedle, and ridey-horse… just to name a few!


Odds are, she doesn't remember it
Odds are, she doesn’t remember it

PAIN SCORE: 9 seconds of unresponsiveness

IMPACT POINTS: Forehead, nose, pride

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING: When a bull, bronco, or mechanical bull bucks, it subjects the rider to astounding force. What’s trickier, a live animal is hugely unpredictable, meaning the rider has to constantly counteract this intense inertia by attempting to move in the opposite direction. Frankly, it’s somewhat mystical. Now our friend here is on the relatively safe mechanical version of a bull. But that doesn’t mean the inertia affects her less. No siree bob.


So dizzy...
So dizzy…

Could have been a live one!

DID YOU KNOW: The mechanical bull saw a rise in popularity with the release of Urban Cowboy in 1980. Until that time, it had primarily been a training tool for rodeo riders, but the exposure from the film helped make it the staple of saloon entertainment that it is today.

It goes without saying, but don’t try any of this stuff at home. It will hurt so so much. But do try to catch Science of Stupid – Friday’s at 9 and 9:30pm on Nat Geo!


  1. bill holloway
    United States
    June 28, 2014, 5:02 pm

    I dont usually complain, but I have had all I can take of the host on Science of Stupid. Please, please find another host! He is not funny, although he certainly thinks he is. But, he is so off-putting that I can no longer stand to watch the show. I can’t be the only one. Please replace the host so that I can continue to watch your show. Thank you.

  2. zubi
    August 22, 2014, 11:57 pm

    I recieve national gegraphic indian version … and i have to litterally mute the show to watch it.

    please remove the host … he is killing the whole show with his abnormally stupid comments

    besides you dont need much of a host in there

  3. Hammondrocks
    February 4, 2015, 2:35 am

    Sounds like I am lucky, as a Canadian I get Richard Hammond as the host.


  4. yash
    April 2, 2:41 am