Never Before Seen Secrets of the Wild

Tonight, Secrets of the Wild will take you on a journey from the Wide Open Spaces, to the Lost Worlds, and Going Deep into our earth’s waters.  The most heart-warming to the most gut-wrenching moments in wildlife were all recorded with impressively camouflaged cameras that blend into the animals’ habitat, and now you can watch them as never before.   It presents animals enjoying and enduring the freedom and the danger that come with living in exposed expanses as far as the eye can see, tracks amazing sea animals that travel thousands of miles across oceans, and gets up close and personal with creatures living in the most rugged and remote places on the earth.

Wide Open Spaces

From the Serengeti to the Arctic to the Himalayas, animals everywhere live in open expanses of land that can be as perilous as they are liberating.  Packs of animals huddle together for strength in numbers while territory wars between species break out repeatedly.  See the compassion and the aggression that exist simultaneously and side-by-side out in the wild in ways you have never before.  These animals did not know of the cameras that were recording them, and now we get to see some of the most beautiful moments in wildlife play out uninhibited by human presence.  See wolves’ and foxes’ hunting techniques, how hippos forage at night, polar bears playing hard to get, battles between the Serengeti’s inhabitants, and cheetah mothers caring for their cubs at 8:oo PM.

Lost Worlds

The matriarchal society of Japanese macaques are only the tip of the iceberg in this episode.  Earth’s most isolated places are full of interesting lives full of struggles as well as beauty.  These rarities show the full expanse of animal lifestyles, both the good and the bad.  Vivid birds of paradise extensively court each other, snow leopards prowl in search for food, macaques uphold a strict social hierarchy, and insects fight against and for each other in places that we have barely ever seen until now.  Forests cover about a third of the world’s land surface, and we know so little about them that we are still discovering new species! The noninvasive camera techniques in tonight’s episode will help us bridge that gap in knowledge, and you can see the beginning of that surge of information at 9:00 PM.

Going Deep

Dive into the worlds of water that cover 71% of our earth’s surface but still remain largely undiscovered.  Billions of the earth’s most fascinating animals live underwater, and you can see some of them in their most intimate habitats.  The smallest of sea creatures show us that they have just as much vitality as the deadliest of predators despite the disparity between their sizes.  Sometimes, that vitality is literally luminous, glowing yet almost invisible to the naked eye.  They share the ocean with some of our favorite travelers like whales and penguins who traverse thousands of miles.  This episode travels with them and even under sheets of ice to see the slowly bustling ecosystems that boast animals with remarkable health and longevity despite—or perhaps because of—the arctic temperatures of their homes.  An hour of rare underwater footage with the latest and best technology gives us a mere glimpse into the lives of some of the world’s most neighborly species, best predators, and most beautiful microscopic creatures at 10 PM.

See all of this and more on Nat Geo WILD tonight!