The Paris of the East #WhereInTheWorld: Revealed!

ShanghaiChina_008This week’s #WhereInTheWorld post is the city of Shanghai. The port city of Shanghai is located along where the sea and the Yangtze River, one of the most essential rivers in China’s history and economy, meet.  Meaning ‘Above the Sea’ Shanghai was founded as a textiles and fishing town, gaining it’s unique and multicultural identity only after the Treaty of Nanking, formally called ‘The Treaty of Peace,’ which opened the city to foreign powers in 1842.


Soon after Russians, Germans, French, British, and Americans began leaving their mark on Shanghai, setting up distinctly Western-style Architecture and leaving a permanent legacy on the city. In the 1920s and 30s, Shanghai was dubbed the “Paris of the East” due to it’s flourishing success as a cosmopolitan city and thriving financial center.

Today Shanghai still serves as the most influential science, technology, cultural, and economic centers in East China. Shanghai’s skyline blends together old Shikumen and massive skyscrapers that symbolize the amalgamation of western customs and Chinese traditions which many visitors say makes Shanghai a truly memorable experience.

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