Arctic Wisdom: Born To Ride

Could you spend four-fifths of your year in total isolation? Go over nine months without interacting with a single other soul? If there’s anyone who can persevere through long stretches of solitary confinement on the tundra of Alaska, it’s Sue Aikens.

But there’s something that Sue values more than companionship and human interaction – her freedom. At Kavik, she’s only bound by the forces of nature to guide her agenda, allowing to live her life exactly as she sees fit. On tonight’s episode of Life Below Zero, Sue briefly ventures into civilization to retrieve a new toy that’ll give her even more freedom to conquer the tundra.

Sue travels to Deadhorse, the nearest town to Kavik, to retrieve her new Argo, an eight-wheeled all-terrain vehicle with tracks.


In Kavik, Sue’s means of transportation are limited. After falling while shoveling, she had to pay a large fee to ship medicine by helicopter to her camp. It’s imperitive that Sue has better means of transportation to keep her mobile and safe. “Living here, I have a lot of freedom of soul,” she says. “And now I want freedom of body.”

To accommodate the tough terrain, Sue chose an all-year-round ATV specifically designed for extreme weather conditions. It’s not long before her new vehicle is put to the test.


The Argo is too big to fly to Kavik and there’s no train tracks to ship it there. The only way Sue can get her ATV home is by driving it eighty miles home over snow, rock, and river ice. It’s the ATV’s maiden run, and if it breaks down on the way, Sue is stuck. Plus, getting lost on the two-day journey would also result in some serious trouble.


Luckily, it’s not in Sue’s resilient nature to get lost or falter. But the same can’t be said for her new ride. Near the halfway point home, Sue hears some concerning sqeaks coming from the ATV, and it’s not like she can call AAA.


After pressing on, another scare comes in the form of a frozen river that may be more water than ice. For a few nervewracking moments, Sue thinks her new ride is about to take a bath.


Another close call is averted and Sue reaches Kavik in one piece, accompanied by her new trusty ATV, Suzie. Because who says friends have to be people?


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  1. randy
    April 24, 2015, 2:19 pm

    hi what is brand of 8 wheel atv