Pride and Prejudice on Wicked Tuna: The Reckoning

On the season finale of Wicked Tuna, the entire fleet is battling for one last paycheck and the second-place slot on the leaderboard. No one is beating, but the other boats aren’t giving up. One fish can make a difference, especially in such a tough season. While the DotCom is riding high, everyone else has been struggling to hook up and come out ahead. Ending on a high note would make a rough ride worth it, but who is going to get tails up and who is going to come up empty-handed?

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

The Hot Tuna has taken six fish this season, which is as many as Miss Sambvca. Captain TJ is hoping to hook up more, but their goal was to beat the Pinwheel and they have definitely smoked Tyler. Being able to shut down Tyler’s trash talking is little consolation in a bad season though, and spirits are low. They aren’t marking any fish at all. So it’s exciting when they hook up, but disappointing to have the line snap and realize they only had a shark.


On Miss Sambvca they hook up a fish. After an hour and a half of fighting it, the crew is feeling positive. Everyone knows it could be the last fish of the season and they can’t give up or give in. Fighting a Bluefin is no small feat. Everyone knows there is no guarantee the fish will make it onto the deck of the boat. Still, they get the tail wrap on and it’s a beautiful fish weighing 658 pounds and bringing in $12/lb for a total paycheck of $13,818. It puts them in second place, but can they hold their position?


Two days later, Hard Merchandise is fishing out of Stellwagen and Marciano is hoping for one more fish.  They are seeing plenty of marks, but just need to get the rod to bend. Plus, Paul is watching and Marciano’s pride is on the line. When they finally hook up, they have a screamer. The fish takes almost all the line and they have to chase it with the boat to get some line back on the reel. More than two and a half hours later, they finally have the tail up the fish secured. Marciano can’t resist dragging the fish by Miss Sambvca to prove they just took the lead. Paul can’t help but celebrate with them. The 623 pound fish takes $20/lb for a total of $12,460, putting Marciano just a smidge ahead of Miss Sambvca.


On the last day, everyone is hoping for one more fish. However, the only place everyone is catching is Stellwagen. So it’s no surprise that everyone looking for tuna is there. Everyone is marking, but the question is who will hook up? The DotCom is the first to get one on the line, but the Hot Tuna gets one hooked as well.

Dave may be the last one in the fleet who needs a fish, but he gets one all the same.  It’s a great fish, too. Weighing in at 554 pounds it gets them $21/lb for one last paycheck of $11,634.


Tyler feels demoralized, but he’s still talking up his last season victory and fighting to catch as many fish as he can muster in the last week of the season. He’s only caught three fish all season though and is convinced that the tuna gods have it out for him. When at last, they have a bite, Tyler just wants this one last fish for his sanity. Unfortunately, the line snaps. It just wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes the tuna gods are unkind. Time will tell if Tyler has learned his lesson and is truly humbled by his back luck.


The Hot Tuna hangs in there for the fight with their fish and gets it on the boat. They need a decent payout to end the season and they get it. The 390-pound tuna brings in $19/lb for a total of $7,410. The crew is thrilled. Even though it doesn’t get them to second place, everyone is happy to have one last catch. TJ is also more than happy to rub their success in Tyler’s face. The Hot Tuna soundly beat Pinwheel.


The season is wrapped and FV has brought in 15 fish and double the income of the second place Hard Merchandise. All the competition aside, the fishermen are all family men and this is the money that keeps their mortgages paid and their families fed. Marciano is pleased to have had the season he pulled together, even after last season’s sunken boat. Paul has made his first solo season as captain count and is also proud of his accomplishments. Fish were lost, lessons learned, and triumphs abounded. Everyone is looking forward to the next season. Fishing for Bluefin is a tough way to make a living, but the crews of Wick Tuna are tough and resilient.

So how are the captains feeling after the season? We had the captains and crew in studio immediately following the premiere to discuss the season in front of a live studio audience. In case you missed it, catch the full-hour of Reel Talk Live now:

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  2. Steve becker
    Freeport, New York
    February 22, 2015, 11:27 pm

    Just one comment, wicked tunas is a competition but Tyler and the Pin Wheel take it as a joke. He destroys other fisherman’s equipment and then laughs about it he is ruining the show and the pride of all the other fisherman. He should be dropped because he is turning the Nat. Geo. Channel into a joke!

    Everyone is right he is just a PUNK….

    Sorry it’s just my opinion.