5 Filthiest Moments of the “Filthy Riches” Season Finale

With the harvesting season almost finished, the groups got desperate in last night’s episode of “Filthy Riches.” As the impending weather begins to encroach on their paychecks, everyone’s agitated, and the only way out of it is to fight, pray and swear.

Here were the five filthiest moments from the last episode:

1. Mud Fight!

Money and friendship don’t always mix well, and 25 years of partnership can’t stop Jim and Andy from layin’ it down over some worms. It’s Jim’s birthday, so he insists that the wormers harvest a mudflat called Indian Rest, which Andy thinks won’t yield many worms. Jim won’t tolerate Andy’s negative attitude, and Andy won’t let Jim make decisions for the both of them. So this happens:


 2. Weird Weir Foam.

Winter approaches on the Delaware River, and Ray’s eager to stock up on eels and cash in before the season ends. But the changing weather’s effects are already wreaking havoc on his livelihood, clogging his weir with fall debris and natural foam, which Ray has to clean out by hand. If there’s one reason why more people don’t fish like Ray, this is definitely it.


 3. bALancing act.

Throughout this season of “Filthy Riches,” burl hunter Al DeSilva has proven he’s great at stunt driving his truck. However, viewers may have noticed he also does other stunts which mostly involve falling out of large trees without getting hurt. Al wouldn’t let the season finale pass without one glorious final fall, so while harvesting a pepperwood tree in Martinez, Ca., he climbs into the tree to ensure that it’s stable, and (un)expectedly tumbles to the ground.

al tree hop

4. All of Our Prayers Have Been Answered!

Ray’s not too happy about his gross, clogged, frothing weir. After resetting the trap, Ray can only wait and hope that the trap doesn’t get backed up with debris again. But he won’t leave his chances to the merciless forces of this physical earth. He constructs a sweat lodge and hunkers down, praying for a greater catch. Ray’s patience eventually pays off when he returns to a weir full of eels. And while Ray got the gift of fish, our prayers were answered with this post-sweat lodge GIF of Ray.


5. Final Filth.

The pre-winter rush is taking its toll on the wormers. After their scuffle in the mud and subsequent reconciliation, Jim and Andy push themselves to nab as many worms as possible, as the temperatures will soon render worming useless for months. Far be it for the wormers to leave the messy part of their job out on the mudflats, the last part of the worm hunt requires the boys to individually tally each of their finds. Despite their earlier altercation, Jim and Andy tally up an impressive amount of worms, going home with a solid paycheck and their friendship in tact.

worm count