These Animals Are Surprisingly Human

From the deepest seas to the tallest mountains, animals continuously surprise us and prove yet again that when it comes to Mother Nature, there is always an exception to the rule. These animals go against the grain, whether cheating death or forming odd friendships, it’s Animals Gone Wild: Surprisingly Human. Tonight at 9P, we’ll find out…

Who will win in this guerrilla war between these two apex predators…

Jaguar and Gator


Why this orca whale is behaving more like a bottlenose dolphin...

Orca breaching near boat


What surprising animal is going to break up this cat fight…

Cat fight


How far a mother pygmy elephant will go for her child…



And what put a smile on this happy little duck’s face.



We’ll discover why this dolphin appears to be trying to communicate to a diver…



What this octopus is going to wrap its tentacles around next…



And discover some high-performance acrobatics.


Tonight, we’ll see just why you can’t judge a book by its cover…

burmese python


And find out why this friendly bearded dragon is waving.

bearded dragon


Think you know the answers? Comment with your answers below and watch the episode to find out if you were right!

Just when you think you know the outcome, the animal kingdom pulls a switch. It’s the most insane friendships, unlikely heroes, and defiant rule breakers in Animals Gone Wild: Surprisingly Human.

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  1. David Idalu
    August 20, 2014, 5:48 am

    Crocodile defeats Tiger
    Whale is hungry
    Dog breaks up fight
    Elephant goes very far
    Duck has just eaten
    It’s the Dolphin’s nature
    Tentacles around a prey