5 Filthiest Moments From the Penultimate “Filthy Riches”

On the penultimate episode of this season’s Filthy Riches, each group shows how their jobs can be not just dirty, but downright dangerous. Two teams go unintentionally off-roading, heavy equipment snaps and sends cargo tumbling and Al’s durable, undefeated truck finally meets its match.

1. Zipline Catastrophe

With heavy objects and few options to move them, burl hunter Al DeSilva is a master improviser. In order to get the one-ton burl a few hundred feet to the road where Al’s truck’s parked, he decides to construct a zipline which will catapult the burl through the forest to a place that the truck can reach it. But things don’t go as planned: as the tree flies along the zipline, the cord strains and snaps, whizzing only a few feet away from the camera crew.

zipline breaks

2. Until Eel Freezes Over

It’s prime eel season, and eel fisherman Ray Turner is having trouble meeting the demand for his quality product. One of his biggest sales days of the year nears, and he must prepare more eels in less time. But he doesn’t want to compromise taste. So he takes 50 pounds of live eels, seals them in a large box, and freezes them. According to Turner, this keeps them from getting slimy, and is more humane than other eeling techniques. It’s also means the eels do this:


3. Fast Seven: The Al DeSilva Story 

Someone put this man in a “Fast and Furious” movie already! Each week, Al uses his truck in pretty unconventional ways to rip burls from the ground, and transport them to different locations. But on Sunday’s episode, the truck finally meets its match: a one ton piece of wood that won’t cooperate. The team is able to lift the burl out of a ditch and onto the truck, and its there that the problems begin. The hill’s incline slopes in the burls favor, and is too heavy for the truck’s breaks. With help from his friend Herb, Al Tokyo drifts his truck down the hill, burl-first.

tree sliding

4. Stuck In The Mud 

On their way to a secret mudflat far off the main road, Jim and Andy accidentally run their truck into a small pond/ditch. After trying unsuccessfully to free the truck from the pond, the two decide to return to the truck after they’ve finished working, so that they can at least go home with a paycheck. When they’re finished worming, they develop a plan to un-stick the truck: stack as many pieces of wood under the tires as possible for traction. That means getting into the pond first. So the wormers do what they do best: wade through the mud, rake as much away from the tires as possible and hope for the best.

worm truck riding

5. ATV Crash

The wormers and burl hunters weren’t the only groups to lose control of their vehicles this week. Rushing to a spot where they’ll nab 30-year-old ginseng roots, Billy Taylor and his son Caleb steer their ATV right into a ditch, setting them back a few minutes while Billy recovers. But this won’t deter the group from their hunt: they have an order to fill, crash or not, and they continue up the mountain.


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