In Case You Missed It: Reel Talk Episode 4

On the fourth episode of Reel Talk, Captains TJ OttDave Marciano, and Dave Carraro were live in studio for the web-based aftershow. The three captains of Hot Tuna, Hard Merchandise, and sat down to discuss everything from rescues to pet rivalries, and catching sharks to dream celebrity fishing companions.

But first things first, host Mike Salk must know what was going through Dave Carraro’s mind when he lost his temper on a trolling vessel. “You’re usually pretty cool, calm, collected… some say robotic,” Salk begins, “and all of the sudden you lost it on that trolling boat.” Marciano chimes in that Dave has “the emotions of a rock.” Dave discusses the disappointment, and how sometimes you just have to say what you need to say to get it off your chest. This brings up the topic of road rage, which quickly translates to boat rage. The captains discuss ramming boats and throwing sinkers through windows, and we get the sense that this wasn’t the first bout of rage these fellows have seen.

The silence of Sandro is the next hot topic, and the captains discuss what makes a good first mate. Hot Tuna’s TJ even gives kudos to Sandro and says that although his first mate is amazing, Sandro is a step above the rest–which is a big compliment to pay a rival boat’s crew.

A fan question from Twitter asks the captains which celebrity they’d like to take fishing. The answers? Danny Devito, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Charlie Moore. Can you guess which captain picked whom?

The guys hit a slew of other topics, including the fate of Paulie and if he’ll ever get his own boat. The men talk close-calls, biggest hauls, smart tuna, and luck (which one captain says doesn’t exist). If you missed it, check out the full episode and be sure to tune in next week when Reel Talk will air live on-air for the first time immediately following Wicked Tuna.

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Don’t miss the season finale of Wicked Tuna at 9p, followed by a special live 1-hour episode of Reel Talk this Sunday, June 5. at 10P. We will have all of the captains and even some crew members in front of a live studio audience taking your questions.


  1. Jake C
    Ontario Canada
    June 4, 2014, 9:48 am

    Thank You for picking my question 🙂 Wicked Tuna is an amazing show! I love all the Captains & get pumped when they Hook Up! Thanks again & keep the Tuna comin’