Tricky Tuna and Close Calls on Wicked Tuna: The Mighty Bite

At the start of week 14, FV- is dominating the Wicked Tuna fleet with a more than $60,000 lead on the second place Hot Tuna. There are only two weeks left to bring in fish and pay the bills. Dave on the Dot Com has no plans on packing up and pulling out when there may be more fish to catch.  Meanwhile, many of the crews are frustrated and there is no small amount of jealousy as the competition for the second place position continues.

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

Captain Marciano on the Hard Merchandise remains true to his nature and optimistic. Last season his boat sank and in some ways, he is simply happy to be out in the water again, let alone to find himself in a tight competition for second place. They may not have the stellar payout that Tricky Dave is looking at, but they have definitely caught fish and brought in some cash. The week however, starts badly, with a shark on the line. There is no mistaking the teeth marks after the line is reeled in.


On the Hot Tuna, Captain TJ heads to the Mudhole, but he’s late to the party. The Pinwheel and Miss Sambvca are already there. When he does get a bite, he loses it when the line snaps.

On Miss Sambvca, Paulie is determined to continue with his four-week lucky streak. It’s going to be a long winter if the season doesn’t continue well and end strong.  It is looking good when the crew hooks up a fish, much to the chagrin of the Hot Tuna and the Pinwheel, who aren’t seeing any action. Wrangling crossed lines after the fish is harpooned, tensions rise, but they manage to get the tail up and the rope on. The 641 pound tuna brings in $22/lb for a total of $14,102


On the Pinwheel, Tyler is as sick as a dog, but the Captain isn’t giving up yet. He’s having the toughest season he’s had yet and has no choice but to keep fishing. It’s no longer a matter of pride. It’ a matter of salvaging his season. However, Tyler is sicker than he thinks. In the end the crew has no choice but to call an end to the week and wheel him off the dock.


Dave is having a rough day on the Dot Com that gets worse when they hook a fish, but have a run in with a dragger. The other boat comes right in between them and their fish, but won’t move. In the end the line snaps and they lose their fish.


When the Dot Com hooks another fish, they are certain they have lost it when the line goes slack. The guys reel in the line crying the blues when suddenly, it goes taut again. This fish is just as tricky as Dave. They haven’t lost it after all. They manage to tie it up and have a little celebration.


The fish has one more trick up its sleeve, however.  The meat hook busts through as they are pulling it on the deck. Like a loaded gun, the equipment shoots through the boat, barely missing the crew, proving that fishing is dangerous business.


However, tricky or not, the 451 pound fish brings in $24/lb. for a total of $10,824. Definitely worth the battle.

On the Hard Merchandise luck changes as well. The crew hooks up a nice round late season tuna. This 454 pound fish is of spectacular quality bringing in $27/lb. for a payout of $12,258. It’s the highest price per pound any fish has gotten all season. Dave is thrilled.


At the end of week fourteen, Hard Merchandise slides into second place, but The Hot Tuna and Miss Sambvca are only one or two fish away from taking the spot. No one is going to catch the Dot Com, but Dave is still vying for his best season ever. There is only week left of the season it will be up to what each boat can do in just a few days. Who will take second place? Tune in to Wicked Tuna: The Reckoning on June 8 at 9PM et/pt and find out how the season ends.


  1. Joe Dugan
    Safford, Arizona USA
    June 7, 2014, 5:42 pm

    In the very early 1900 my mother came to Massachusetts from the city of St. Hyachyia just south of Montreal. Their family name was Arthur Hebert He was a carpenter. They lived in the Worchester for a while then moved to the Charlestown section of Boston.I see there is a family named Hebert on the show, could we be long lost relitives.I enjoy the show.