Dangerous Tails and Bragging Rights On Wicked Tuna: Sharks and Recreation

There are only three weeks left of the bluefin season for the Wicked Tuna fleet and Tricky Dave is holding on to the top of the leaderboard with a resounding lead. The rest of the boats are fighting for second place. Everyone is hoping for good luck, but more is at stake than beating out the other boats. The captains either catch fish or don’t pay the bills. No matter their place on the board, every fish counts.

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

On the Miss Sambvca, Paul is frustrated, losing focus, and making bad decisions. The pressure of his first season as the captain on his own boat seems to be getting to him. There is a lot to prove and much to lose. When the crew finally hooks a fish, things get complicated. The shifter breaks on the outside controls and Paul has to steer from inside where he can’t see or hear well. Tempers flare as the crew struggles to maneuver near the fish, but in the end, they get their tuna, a 594 pound fish that brings in $12/lb. for $7,128.


Dave on FV-Tuna.com has not forgotten losing the top place last season after holding the lead. He is determined to finish strong and not get complacent. However, their luck doesn’t hold when they hook the first tuna, when its tail wraps and breaks the line. He reminds the crew that if you get arrogant, then you anger the tuna gods. In fact, he’s unimpressed by Paul, who is spreading the word about his good luck. However, Paul just let everyone know where the fish are with his bragging and that’s where the Dot Com is going next.

The Hot Tuna heads over to Paulie’s lucky spot as well. All through the night while waiting for a bite, the crew fishes for herring, which is like bluefin tuna candy. Sometimes, it’s all about the bait.


Marciano is not happy about the possibility of being knocked out of second place. The Hard Merchandise comes close to catching a big tuna, but the line snaps and their spirits flag. Sometimes even the nice guys lose it.


The Hot Tuna is having a dry spell too, but they are still determined to stay in the running. They move where Miss Sambvca caught their fish and hope for the best. They hook a big one, but it’s no tuna–instead, it’s a giant thresher shark. They are good eating and so the crew decides to pull it in, but they are a dangerous fish to get on deck. After barely avoiding its massive flailing tail, they bring in the shark–and in the hopes of good karma, they share the good meal with Marciano.


On the Dot Com, the crew hook up a fish–but its tail is wrapped on the line. It takes a lot of finesse, but the crew manages to pull it in. Unfortunately, the meat is not very promising for the market. Even though it’s a 377 pound fish, it only brings in $10/lb. and totals $3,770. It’s disappointing, but at least it’s a paycheck.


The good will gesture of sharing their shark feast with Hard Merchandise seems pay off for the Hot Tuna. They hook a good-sized tuna as well. It weighs 335 pounds dressed and the meat is looks great. At $18/lb. it nets the crew $6,030. It’s a payday that pushes The Hot Tuna into second place on the leaderboard. It seems it was definitely worth the impromptu dance party the guys had once they got it on deck.


Miss Sambvca is still staying in the race and are revving up for the big push. With four fish in four weeks, Paulie feels certain they are on a winning streak and racing for the top. Will the newest captain make a run for the top or fall back to the bottom of the board? Tune in next week to Wicked Tuna: The Mighty Bite on Sunday June 1 at 9PM et/pt to find out. And don’t miss an all-new Reel Talk, immediately following the premiere over on natgeotv.com/reeltalk


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  2. Bill Majors
    June 2, 2014, 9:32 am

    Congratulations to the women on the Pin Wheel for a fantastic season……lol