Karma gets Reel on Wicked Tuna: Tuna Beta Kappa

It’s the eleventh week of Wicked Tuna and while some boats are struggling to get out of the red, others are bringing in the bounty. All the same, the captains and crew are reminded that this may be a competition, but ocean fishing is far from every man for himself. The sea is an unpredictable force and sometimes the only people you can count on are your fishing brothers and sisters. When things go awry, the tuna get put aside to help your compatriots. The sea may not have a heart, but the people on the water are a brotherhood of fishermen.

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

FV-Tuna.com has an astounding lead on the rest of the boats, but even with lines in the water and a lucky streak to chase, they are immediately willing to drop everything when another boat is in need. Hearing over the radio that a familiar Gloucester vessel is sinking and that they are close, Dave and the crew jump into action to get on the scene. Two people are in the water and it’s a race against time to find them in the rough seas and chilly water. Both persons are recovered and the crew is able to return to fishing, but no one complains about the lost time. As Dave says, “No fish is worth two lives.” They are devastated to later hear that the captain didn’t survive the disaster, but it only brings everyone closer.


The Hard Merchandise and the Pin Wheel continue their alliance to seek fish. It has worked well for Captain Marciano with two fish on the deck, so he’s all in. The two boats head out to Georges Bank, 150 miles offshore. It’s an expensive run and isolated. You don’t want to be out there alone. So the two vessels agree to head out together. Still, the boats are looking at big fuel costs…


On the Miss Sambvca, spirits remain high. Paul feels confident that they are just starting a winning streak after last week’s fish.  They have also headed to George’s Bank. Everyone is surprised to see him out there all by himself, but the season is coming to an end and Miss Sambvca is willing to take a few risks.

The $1500 gamble to run to Georges Bank doesn’t pay off for Marciano, but his spirits remain high even as he turns back empty. The choice turns out to be a great decision for Tyler and the Pin Wheel crew. They pull in a big fish. Dressed, the tuna weighs in at 420 pounds, brings in $22/lb. for a total of $9,240.


Unfortunately, their generator dies and they can’t get the fish in the boat. So Tyler call Miss Sambvca for help. Without a generator they have bigger problems than the fish. They could get stranded. So Paul comes to their rescue and the Miss Sambvca crew helps get it going again.

The good deed of the Miss Sambvca pays off too. Paul and crew bring in a fatty. They came, they saw, they helped out a friend, and conquered. Their 192 pound fish sells for $18/lb. netting them $3,456. They are still at the bottom of the leaderboard, but their confidence is renewed.


On the Dot.com, they mark a fish after their rough night helping their compatriots. In no time, they have a fish on the line. Karma is on their side. It’s a 98.5 inch fish. The guys are sad that they lost a brother and it’s hard to be excited about the fish though.


The Dot.com soon gets another call for help. While assisting another boat in getting their winch running, Mailman stays on the boat to watch for marked fish and soon has one on the line. It’s no small fish either. It almost runs out the line. The crew put helping with repairs on hold to pull in yet another fish. It seems there will be no beating the Dot.com now and maybe it’s because “Tricky” Dave is really “Saint” Dave in secret. It seems that good deeds have their rewards.  The Dot.com comes home with a 328 pound fish at $11/lb. for $3,608 and another 424 pound fish at $12/lb. $8,904. Amazingly, once again the Dot.com reigns bringing home $12,512.


Soundly at the top of the leaderboard, FV-Tuna.com looks unstoppable, but the Pin Wheel knocked everyone out of the water at the end of last season. It is still anyone’s game to come out on top. Tune in next week to Wicked Tuna: Bad Blood on Sunday May 18 at 9PM et/pt and don’t be surprised if a champion rises up the ranks.


  1. scott carachilo
    May 13, 2014, 5:12 am

    Never liked dave but like him even less now after this eeks episode. Everyone should try to help someone else out and that was a tragic loss this episode and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and all affected by it. I also remember dave complaining about helping marciano who is a fellow fisherman but one who is a real one thats his life not an ego boost great fake play dave