Chance, Luck, and Never Giving Up on Wicked Tuna: Blue Grit

It’s the tenth week of Bluefin season and is still in the number one spot in the Wicked Tuna fleet. Everyone is feeling the pressure; and for some of the captains, this is the hardest season they have ever faced. This is certainly true for The Miss Sambvca, which has only slid one bluefin on deck so far. Paul’s brother, frustrated with their lack of success, quit last week, but is giving it one more go. Last year’s champ, Pin Wheel, is also having a tough ride. But if there’s one thing they know, anyone’s luck can change with only a moment’s notice.

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

On the Miss Sambvca tensions are still running high. Paul thinks his brother Bruce is the best fisherman he knows, and doesn’t want him quit again. But the mood turns sour when the first thing on the line is a shark.

Dave on is enjoying his lead maybe a little too much and has a bit of fun harassing Tyler at his hard luck. He’s also got a new trick up his sleeve, cheerios in his chum. It seems to work, because he quickly has a fish on the line. After some challenges navigating the boat with a broken stern control at station two, Tricky Dave manages to pull the fish into the boat. He’s thrilled to have the fish, but he also has to call it a day and take in the boat to get it fixed. It’s a great paycheck anyway, weighing 507 pounds, bringing the crew $23/lb. for a total of $11,661.


Tyler on the Pin Wheel hooks a fish as well, even without the cheerios in his chum. All the same, the line snaps just as the fish is at the boat. Still, he’s determined not to let the beat him. Last year at this time, the Pin Wheel crew had taken eight fish, but this year they are only at two. To make matters worse, the anchor gets hooked under the rocks, forcing him to cut it and lose $600 worth of gear — as well as snapping some lines and nearly taking out a few of the crew.


When Bruce and Paul mark a school of seven Bluefin, their hopes are high, especially when they get a bite. They desperately need a catch, but it’s going to be a challenge. The fish has swallowed the hook and could easily snap the line with his teeth. Working him in will require finesse. But this is Bruce’s game, and in short time they have the fish on the deck. It weighs in at 410 pounds and it’s a beautiful fish. The fish gets the Miss Sambvca $18/lb. for a total of $7,380.


The Hard Merchandise crew is still keeping a positive attitude, even though Marciano’s back is killing him. He knows that fish don’t hit the deck if you aren’t out there to pull them in. Their perseverance pays off too. It isn’t a monster tuna, but it’s definitely a paycheck. The fish is a 181 pounder that brings in $17/lb. for $3,077. That’s far better than coming home empty-handed, even if you do break your back getting the fish on the boat.


On, the crew has every intention of heading back to get their boat fixed. But just as they get ready to move, they hook another fish—and it’s a big one. Maneuvering with the broken stern control is challenging. The boat has to be controlled from inside the cabin and it’s hard to hear Dave yelling instructions. Tensions are extremely high, but they land the fish and this one is even bigger than the first. The second Bluefin is 696 pounds and sells for $22/lb. giving them a $15,312 payout. There’s nothing to cry about when you come home with almost $27,000!


On the leaderboard, is now trouncing the competition with a total of $81,129. Miss Samvca pulls out of last place, leaving Tyler and the Pin Wheel slipping to the bottom rung. The competition is sure to ramp up as the crews push through the last five weeks of the season, desperate to make them count. Tune in next week to Wicked Tuna: Tuna Beta Kappa on Sunday May 11 at 9PM et/pt and find out.