Hunting Blackbeard: A North Carolina Legend

KG and the Ringmaster head to North Carolina to travel the trade route once used by one of history’s most colorful and fearsome pirates, the infamous Blackbeard.  Today, Greenville, North Carolina is probably most well known for being home to Eastern Carolina University. However, if you travel outside of downtown you will find the land beyond campus littered with historic southern plantations.  Not only are they charmingly sprinkled along hundreds of miles of farmland but they are filled with priceless nectar.

plantation-gentlemanThe first stop brought the Diggers crew to Grimes Plantation located in Grimesland, N.C. This was the home of Civil War Major General Bryan Grimes, the last major general commissioned in the Army of Northern Virginia. Located along the Tar River, the Grimes Plantation is a crucial dig spot for KG and Ringy as there are rumors throughout eastern North Carolina that Blackbeard often traveled up and down the Tar River’s coastline.

Their next dig brings KG and Ringy to Myrtle Grove Plantation located in Macclesfield, NC.  According to local historians, construction on the main house began around 1842. The construction project was reportedly a wedding gift from Charles L. Vines to his son. To this day, the house is a popular venue for weddings in North Carolina.  Prominence and wealth have blessed the Vines family of Beaufort County since the early 1700’s. Charles Vines’ great, great grandfather, Capt. Samuel Vines settled near Bath, North Carolina and is rumored to have traveled in the same circles as Blackbeard.

lost-treasureThe last stop on Blackbeard’s Treasure trail brings Diggers to Bellefont. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Bellefont was once the “Big House” for a 5,000 acre plantation and home to Revolutionary War Hero Major Reading Blount.  With ties to the American Revolution, KG and Ringy came to Bellefont with high hopes.  High hopes, however, could never predict the complete awe-reckoning artifact that Ringy would uncover.

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  1. Mike
    Goldsboro, NC
    May 1, 2014, 10:36 pm

    Please do you research! Greenville, NC is the home of EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY! Not Eastern Carolina