The Fish Tank Kings Are Back!

This isn’t your dentist’s fish tank. Fish Tank Kings returns on April 28 to follow one-of-a-kind fish tank craftsmen Living Color, who build ocean masterpieces from custom Caribbean reefs to live coral aquariums.

From their warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the tank artists of Living Color take pride in their work, building their creations with the highest quality acrylic flown in from Japan in massive sheets to hand-crafting coral reef structures. Experts in the creatures that inhabit their tanks, Living Color’s fish gurus design tanks for specific types of creatures including eels, lionfish, pufferfish, grouper and more.

For Living Color president Mat Roy and his team of craftsmen, a “job well done” means going to extreme lengths to meet clients’ wishes in a rapid turnaround time, whether they’re heading out in a submarine for exotic fish acquisition, loaning out their resident marine biologist to relocate a 6 foot long shark who has outgrown her current tank, or building aquariums alongside the home plate of a baseball stadium.

And while Living Color works hard to create stunning aquarium showpieces, their goal is to provide the pubic with knowledge about the fish inside the tanks. After all, what’s the point of a fish tank if the intriguing creatures they house aren’t appreciated? It’s up to the Living Color craftsmen to not only deliver word-class fish tanks, but also to educate the general population about the wonders inside.

Catch up with the Fish Tank Kings in a new season, premiering Monday, April 28 at 9P.