Showdown Of The Unbeatables: Precision Rifle vs. Unmanned Drone

On Showdown of the Unbeatables, two “invincible” inventions face off to see which really has the power. Tonight, two military-minded machines clash in a battle of opposing forces: the TrackingPoint rifle versus the ATI Octocopter drone.


The TrackingPoint rifle is one of the most accurate firearms on the market, using a laser beam to track its target. To achieve its impressive accuracy, the TrackingPoint rifle uses the XactSystem, which calculates every shooting aspect for the user (except wind) to make sure they hit their target.


The rifle will not fire until the crosshairs on the readout line up as red, meaning the system has made all the correct changes allowing for a perfect shot.

The XactSystem’s freakish levels of effectiveness allows for the rifle to be effective at up to 1,200 yards. That’s 12 football fields of precision.

The rifle’s task: take down the agile ATI Octocopter drone. —

Used by filmmakers for aerial shots, this hover drone can be controlled by a radio operated device or can use GPS to navigate its flight.

Approximately 55 inches wide and 22 inches tall, the drone is small and fast. Will the rifle be able to take it down?


Catch the matchup in an all-new Showdown of the Unbeatables tonight at 9P.


  1. dennis
    April 19, 2014, 8:41 pm

    get a real gun and quit irritating the bear with an AR15.. BTW shoot a caribou, then hunt the gut pile and use a real rifle like a remington 7mm magnum or a .338. The kill rate is higher without lost game with a [removed] round, cause your not a [removed]? right

  2. H.C.
    Laughlin, NV
    April 21, 2014, 1:21 pm

    That wasn’t an AR-15. It was a Stoner SR-25 chambered for .308 Win. with a Leupold VX-3 tactical scope. A very serious weapon.