Live Your Life With Zero Hesitation

Falter and die. Surviving on the Arctic tundra requires constant awareness: when to be silent, when to reach for a gun, when to flee. On Life Below Zero, wilderness guide Erik Salitan lives a self-sufficient lifestyle 67 miles north of the Arctic Circle, braving harsh elements and deadly wildlife to survive in total freedom.

To thrive in the Arctic, Erik must be constantly aware of his surroundings, knowing that a moment of hesitation can mean death. On the tundra, humans are no longer the dominant species, as Erik competes with bears, wolves and other predators to top the wilderness food chain.

So how does Erik navigate the perils of the tundra with heightened senses? “When you’re out in the wilderness, the only one you can really rely on is yourself,” he says. “You have to have a lot of confidence.” As a hunting and wilderness guide, Erik passes the rules of the wilderness along to his clients.

However, instincts are heard to teach. When he’s is hunting for his food, every move he makes is crucial; in an instant, one small misstep can reverse the roles of predator and prey.

Watch Erik conquer the wilderness in the season premiere of Life Below Zero tonight at 9P.


  1. kathy
    April 18, 2014, 7:16 am

    Erick we love the show . You, Andy and Sue are what makes the show. Looking forward to another season.