The Alaska State Troopers

Ready for more to more heart-stopping rescues and arrests that bring the hammer of justice down on Alaskan soil? In dangerous and often unpredictable circumstances, Alaska State Troopers‘ raw heroism and unyielding determination is a testimony to their love for the job.

Alaska State Troopers is a ride-along inside the force, capturing a mixture of rampant criminal activity and raw nature that is innate in rural Alaska. This all-new season will push even further into the lives of the Alaska State Troopers as they respond to high-intensity situations, putting themselves in harm’s way as a second nature in service of the greater good. This season is a celebration of the heroism and serves a memorial to honor fallen troopers, Trooper Tage Toll and Pilot Mel Nading, who passed away Spring 2013 during a search and rescue mission.

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“Every day our people are put in harm’s way and face it head on without a second thought that today they may not come home. They are brave and service-minded individuals,

and Alaska is much safer because of them.”

― Department of Public Safety, Alaska State Troopers

In memory of Trooper Tage Toll and Trooper Pilot Mel Nading


  1. Mark Nichols
    April 17, 2014, 10:47 pm

    It is sad to see so many of these troopers so eager to throw drug users into jail. These are mostly people with mental problems or who are down on their luck and looking for some escape and are usually nonviolent. I can understand DUI and arrests for burglary but I believe that I should be able to put into MY body anything I want. And that sadistic jail keeper saying how they have no rights in jail but ” as he grinned” they are totally in his control. That is a sick man. I am sick of these morally superior bastards handcuffing, intimidating, tasing and dominating CITIZENS “not civilians” and saying it’;s a great night when they throw someone into a 6 by 10 torture chamber. When I watch their autocratic arrogance I hope that they shoot or tase themselves a hundredfold for each time they harass a CITIZEN. they are not heroes they are Nazis.

  2. John Seymoure
    May 6, 2014, 1:13 pm

    I am happy to see that I am not the only person who thinks that the Troopers are having a little too much “Fun” arresting everyone in sight. They intimidate and harass people into disorderly conduct then accuse people of being “Criminals” so they can arrest them. They are more like Gestapo than Law enforcement officers. They arrest people under the false assumption that it is for their “Own Safety” or to “Protect them from themselves.” I used to think they had a tough job but I have seen a lot of situations that they were the cause of things getting out of hand and dangerous. They are starting to act like they are God and can do whatever they want. Well I would like to know who is supervising the “Law Enforcement Officers” and making sure they are doing what is right and Legal. Just because they are Police doesn’t mean that they are automatically right. There needs to be someone out there watching the police because from what I have seen on the NGC Alaska State Troppers all is not right and proper on that show. Its the same way in the lower 48, the law will arrest a person for a seat belt not being fastened and use that for a reason to search and seize and to harass a law abiding citizen but they won’t do their job and arrest an Illegal Alien and send them back to the country they belong. Those Illegal aliens are taking over the USA, just like today in California, where a school has prohibited the flying of the Stars and Stripes while the illegals fly a Mexican flag and celebrate Cinco de Mayo. That is treason & those people need to be prosecuted. Next we will be flying the Japanese and Russian Flags and then who is to blame! Gestapo!

  3. robin oneil
    May 8, 2014, 12:35 pm

    Why no pictures of the fallen Officers. Many of us only know them by their face – not their name from watching the show.

  4. Dan McQuaide
    February 12, 2015, 7:35 pm

    Am I to understand that this is the last season on Alaska State Troopers on Natl Geographic?

  5. Curtis Sullivan
    April 13, 1:26 am

    Hi, I watch you guys every day, either the Justice Network or Netflix. All of yous have patent doing your job. People just dont respect anybody anymore, especial you guys. Spelling off crap.All of you guys keep on doing the well job that you are doing, and shine on Troopers : )