How COSMOS Makes Science Accessible

The mission of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey is a difficult one – to translate the universe’s most complex mysteries into hour-long blips. An all-new COSMOS behind-the-scenes video explains exactly how the show distills complicated scientific theories into an enjoyable viewing experience without dumbing down the facts.

The science in COSMOS is presented to challenge the audience, but also to engage them in the process of learning, turning it into an engaging adventure. To do so, the creators of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey built on Carl Sagan’s original COSMOS by incorporating different types of production, including animation, visual effects and documentary-style filming. By making science come to life, the creators of COSMOS seek to take viewers on a journey of learning that engages them every step of the way.

The visual storytelling of COSMOS must also stay true to its subject matter. With COSMOS’ filmmakers working alongside the series’ scientific advisers, the series matches its dynamic production with scientific accuracy. Every animated character in COSMOS was meticulously researched, making sure that every detail of their life and environment was historically sound. COSMOS researchers even recreated several of the historical experiments brought to life in the show’s animations, using their results to inform the animators’ renderings of the tests.

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