Cesar 911 GIF Recap: Ripped Apart

Last time on Cesar 911, Cesar Millan tackled his most difficult case yet: a rescue pit bull whose owners may not be up to the task of handling him.

Cesar is a lover of pit bulls, who has worked with his current pit bull companion Junior to advocate for the dogs, making the case that the breed can make lovable, well-behaved pets. On the latest episode, the pit bull isn’t the only one who needs counseling, as his owners may in fact need more help than their dog.

The Patient: Titan

Cesar first meets with whistleblower Brent, whose girlfriend Aileen rescued a starved stray pit bull she found running in the street. However, she can’t handle Titan’s massive strength and bad behavior, unable to walk him because of his powerful pull. Titan even bit Aileen, which causes Cesar to worry if Titan can be trusted. Multiple other trainers have advised Aileen to piy Titan down, and Cesar is her last hope.


Additionally, Brent is worried Titan is causing problems in his relationship with Aileen. He resents that they fight more now that Titan is around. With Titan’s worrisome behavior constantly making Brent and Aileen stressed out, Cesar needs to teach the couple new strategies to handle their dog without hating each other in the process.


If Cesar can’t find a way to help Brent and Aileen live with Titan and keep him from disrupting their lives, that may spell the end of their relationship. Can Cesar rehabilitate Titan while playing couples counselor to his owners? It’s a tough situation that he’ll try his best to solve.


The Diagnosis

To crack the case of Titan’s bad behavior, Cesar first watches Aileen and Brent take their dog for a walk. He observes Aileen letting Titan walk in front of her, giving up the leadership role to her dog and making him feel like the pack leader. It’ll be hard for the couple to control their dog when he feels like he’s the boss.


When the couple can’t get Titan into his crate, Cesar runs to the rescue, diffusing the situation before Titan bites someone. Cesar sees that Brent and Aileen don’t provide the leadership or patience Titan needs to stay calm, causing the dog to act out.

To see if Titan’s bad behavior runs deeper than his owners’ lack of leadership, Cesar puts Titan in the crate, holding his ground  and being patient when the dog gets aggressive.


After Titan calms down, Cesar sees that Aileen and Brent are not compatible owners for Titan, and have a lot of work ahead of them to become good owners for Titan. To begin the rehabilitation process, Cesar has Aileen and Brent bring Titan to the Dog Psychology Center so he can analyze what’s at the core of Titan’s aggression, and develop a rehab strategy.

The Treatment

At the Dog Psychology Center, Cesar’s first task is to judge if Titan is able to socialize with other dogs. Cesar takes a chance and lets Titan out of the crate, and instead of attacking, Titan interacts well with the pack. Cesar now knows the dog’s issues stem from Brent and Aileen’s insecure leadership.


From playing in the pool to staying calm in the crate, Titan excels at rehab, and Cesar’s training is even more successful than he thought.


After Cesar teaches Titan strategies to stay calm, it’s time for Titan to interact with his owners again. But when Aileen and Brent visit Titan in the center’s home annex, they’re upset and fighting.

In order for them to help Titan, the couple needs to get a handle on their personal problems, which is making their dog anxious and excited. He gives Aileen some tough advice – that she may not be the right owner for Titan. Aileen knows she has some tough decisions ahead.


When Cesar meets with Aileen several days later, Brent doesn’t come along. The two decided to break up, with Aileen recognizing that their incompatibility was the root of Titan’s bad behavior.


To prove to Cesar that she’s ready to take Titan home with her into a calmer, happier home, she takes a group of dogs on a pack walk, demonstrating her improved leadership. Aileen is even able to put Titan in his crate, which lets Cesar know that she’s ready to be the owner the dog needs.


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