Machine v. Machine: Watch The All-New Series Showdown Of The Unbeatables

Unbeatable machines. Unbreakable materials. Companies promise users that their innovations are champions, capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. But what happens when two “indestructible” machines are pitted against each other?

All-new series Showdown of the Unbeatables does just that, matching up two top-of-the-line innovations built for maximum strength and seeing which destroys the other first. The two hosts, television personalities Brian Unger and Zane Lamprey, align themselves with opposing entrepreneurs readying to battle with their prized products.


The companies that designed them are as varied as the inventions, from small mom-and-pop shops with one incredible product to multimillion-dollar corporations.What they all share is an unshakable belief that their product can’t be beaten. Showdown of the Unbeatables will prove half these creators wrong.


On Showdown of the Unbeatableseach invention is paired with their rival in strength and tenacity. Bomb-proof glass faces off against a powerful waterjet to see which force will overtake the other. A vacuum truck able of pulling 360 cubic feet-per-minute tries to move a 22,000 pound electro-lift magnet. Fireproof fabric is tested with a scorching hot military-grade torch. With two superpowers of invention squaring off each week, which will prevail?


Catch the series premiere of Showdown of the Unbeatables tonight at 9P.



  1. Ava Jones
    April 6, 2014, 9:55 am

    Heard about the show on Eliots show (eitm) , even though it was radio the premise of this show sounds awesome ,will plan to watch .I’ve always wanted to see battle off the cranes .