Getting The Hell Into Dodge

wickedDodge City was once called “The Wickedest Little Town in the West” – and for a good reason.  During the second half of the 19th century, it was brimming with brothels, saloons, gambling rooms, and folks who preferred settling disputes at the point of a Colt pistol. Ringy and KG came to town hunting for artifacts related to Dodge City’s two most iconic figures—Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.  Both were lawmen and vigilantes determined to keep order in the Cowboy Capital of the World.

They started at Boot Hill Cemetery—where unfortunate souls who died violently in Dodge were buried with their boots on—literally.  The bodies have been moved, but this, the highest point in Dodge City, is a great place to find nectar from the Wild West Days.  KG and Ringy dig up some cool stuff—including some time period bullets that might have been fired by gunslingers and a rare coin.

localsOn Diggers: Wyatt Earp Wild West, KG and Ringy explore the lower part of Boot Hill, where the city has built a replica of the old Front Street complete with saloons, gunsmith shop, general store, and dance hall.  The buildings may be replicas, but the ground is authentic; as is the inevitable juice that lay before them.   KG finds a special gun cartridge, and Ringy finds a pre-historic Native American artifact!

After leaving a Dodge City that was full of surprises, the Diggers crew set off for the Santa Fe Trail—the main route from Missouri to the West. Ringy and KG are detecting at a junction where two of the trail routes converged and they stumble upon some interesting curiosities along the way. Even more interestingly, they discover a ton of bullets from the late 1800’s all on a small hillside.

Watch Diggers: Wyatt Earp Wild West to find out who will reap the artifact that best befits Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson and find out what they discovered along the Santa Fe Trail TONIGHT at 10P

Can you be the first person to name the rare coin found at Boot Hill Cemetery?


  1. joyce sailer
    las vegas NV
    April 7, 2014, 2:24 am

    I love this show seen what they find and the little history lesson to go with it but I could do without the screamin jumping up and down running around waste of time show us more of the things you find.