Cesar 911 GIF Recap: Attack Dogs

Last time on Cesar 911, Cesar Millan must tackle a major problem: an NFL hopeful’s ferocious dog threatening his owner’s future on the field.

The Patient: Shadow

First, Cesar travels to meet community college football coach Steven, who’s concerned that his star player Steve’s giant Rottweiler Shadow is placing his future at risk.


Even at 6’5” and 315 pounds, Steve can’t control his bad dog. Steve is a true success story, whose discovery of football at an early age kept him out of trouble in his rough neighborhood – which is why he bought Shadow for protection and companionship.

However, after attacking two dogs in the past, Shadow killing another animal could result in owners pressing charges against Steve. With his community rallying around his achievements, Steve can’t have Shadow’s violent behavior threaten his future career.


The Diagnosis

When Cesar ambushes Steve and Shadow, the first thing he notices is Shadow’s heavy-duty wire collar. Owners of large dogs often buy wire collars to control their pets’ behavior, but they actually have the opposite effect, making their dogs even more anxious and aggressive.

Cesar puts his own leash on Shadow and takes him for a walk, observing his behavior. Steve bought Shadow for protection, and Cesar observes that Shadow’s behavior stems from this “attack dog” mentality.


Additionally, Cesar is inspired by Steve’s passion for playing football and giving back to his family and community, and wants to do what he can to help rehabilitate Shadow. It’s up to Cesar to teach Steve how to act like a pack leader, and train Shadow out of his aggressive behavior before someone gets hurt.

The Treatment

To begin Shadow’s rehabilitation, Cesar walks with Steve as he takes his dog on a walk around the neighborhood. With Cesar’s calming walking technique, Shadow is able to walk by other neighborhood dogs without getting aggressive, a major achievement for Steve.



After that small step towards progress, Cesar wants to prove to Steve that Shadow can be friendly around other dogs. To do so, he does something a little crazy – bringing Shadow into an RV full of his personal pets.

Steve expects the worst from Shadow’s doggy playdate, but as Cesar expects, Shadow just wants to socialize. As it turns out, he’s never had a chance to play with other dogs, spending his days protecting Steve instead. Now, Steve sees Shadow has what it takes to be a friendly dog, which motivates him to be a better leader.


After the RV breakthrough, Cesar continues Shadow’s rehab process at his Dog Psychology Center. Shadow has spent his whole life in East LA, so Cesar decided to introduce Steve and Shadow to an animal not seen on the Los Angeles streets: Lorenzo the llama.


To show Steve how his tense, nervous behavior affects animals around him, Cesar has Steve approach Lorenzo. After Steve kicks his fears of the big animal and approaches the llama, Cesar has Steve walk Shadow and Lorenzo at the same time, learning how to be a calm owner in the process.


After going from a terrified owner trying to control Shadow with wire leashes to a strong pack leader, Steve takes Shadow on his first pack walk, showing how far both of them have come – thanks to Cesar.

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