On Going Wild, Troubled Souls Are Cured By Extraordinary Adventures

When your life is derailed, seek comfort off the beaten track. That’s the goal of Going Wild, which takes ordinary people struggling with difficult situations off the grid. Through volcanoes, up mountains, under water and into the most unforgiving environments on earth, Going Wild gives its participants a way out of their daily struggles, allowing them to rediscover themselves through nature.

The Going Wild treks are led by Tim Medvetz, a former Hell’s Angel that has made it his mission to help people in need transform their lives. knows something about beating the odds. In 2001, Tim was nearly killed in a horrific motorcycle accident. Pieced back together with pins and needles by doctors who told him he’d never walk again, Tim worked to regain his strength, and so far he’s climbed all the way to the summit of Mt. Everest – twice.

“I want the men and the women I take into the back country to get a wake up call from Mother Nature that life doesn’t revolve around going to the movies, working an 80 hour work week in an office building, or sitting on your couch while life and your family passes you by,” Tim says about his mission with the show. “I just want to be the guy that introduces them to Mother Nature – she can pretty much cure most people’s problems real quick, even in three days.”

From a man looking to get past the devastating loss of his sister to a former entertainment-industry hot shot who’s given up on her career and herself, Going Wild follows people of all backgrounds and struggles as they battle to overcome the obstacles holding them back from their goals.

Catch Going Wild tonight at 9P.