You Could Be A Hero, Statistically Speaking

1 in 5 people will be a hero during their lifetime. As young adults, we hear about heroic tales and dream of living up to that standard. The stuff of legends holds a bit of truth in our everyday lives, when a seemingly impossible task of bravery and valor becomes possible.

While these heroes are often thought of as the fastest and the strongest of our species, accomplishing super-human motivation and achieving an exemplary outcome, sometimes becoming a hero is nothing more than a little bit of statistics. Data scientist Jake Porway has spent his whole life studying numbers, and he’s found that you don’t necessarily have to be big or strong or fast to be a hero.

So what do you do when the time comes? Jake Porway on The Numbers Game divulges how to hone two basic hero skills, visual reaction time and situational awareness, as well as teach the every day man how to control his or her body’s very own “hero” chemical, so that when the duty calls, they might just be ready. Check out The Numbers Game TONIGHT at 9:30P

How good is your reaction time? Find out below!