Sparks Flying and Food Frying: All-New None of The Above

Tim Shaw takes his spectators on a sensational journey into the world of science. We’re not talking beakers and cylinders in a laboratory—Tim is hitting the streets conducing surprising experiments that dazzle his audiences, deploying one experiment that could revolutionize the food industry. 2080083_tesla-pig_7hqdjmj4am3d2cszxsyeykq4xpncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_610x457In his first experiment on None of the Above: Sparks Will Fly, Tim invites a group of on-lookers to a BBQ in the dead of night and while some people prefer their pork grilled, Tim is looking to scorch his pig with lightning. Using a massive Tesla coil, Tim will attempt to BBQ his pig with one impressive flash of man-made lightning. It’s an idea so crazy that it might just work!

Check out the Tesla-Cooked Pig, see what happens when Tim uses the forces of a flamethrower against a solid block of ice, and stand back as Tim attempts to fry a frozen turkey on None of the Above TONIGHT at 9p.


  1. nz man
    new zealand
    April 8, 2014, 4:00 am

    Hey man Im watching your show at the moment and just saw the segment on riding a fire exstinguisher on a train. I was wondering if it was possible the person riding the exstinguisher remained in place as he jumped and the train was moving and not necessarily the person and the exstinguisher. When I was a kid getting the bus I used to stand half way from the back and front, jump just as the bus was taking off and id be in the place but the bus would move and I end up on the back seat or my face hitting the window. Did you think to consider this and the trains momentum? Anyways like the show, really enjoy watching.