Cesar 911 GIF Recap: Dog Fight

This week on Cesar 911, Cesar Millan takes on dogs with serious aggression issues. When a dance studio owner blows the whistle on her business partner’s dog, it’s up to Cesar to crack a tough nut.

The Patient: Nuts

First, Cesar heads over to the dance studio to meet co-owner Loraine, whose business is terrorized by her partner-in-crime Stefie’s crazy dog – aptly named Nuts.


Nuts’ problem? He hates people getting close to Stefie, he hates people getting close to him – and he really, really hates dancing.


Why Stefie takes her dance-hating dog to her dance studio in the first place, we’ll never know. But Nuts’ aggressive behavior is driving Loraine and Stefie’s dancers crazy and endangering their business.


Nuts doesn’t discriminate who he attacks – even dance’s biggest names aren’t safe!


But Stefie keeps Nuts with her at all times, and Nuts isn’t keen on sharing the love, nipping and biting at the dancers and refusing any kind of affection.


The Diagnosis 

When Loraine and Cesar stop by the studio to confront Stefie, she’s ready for help.


Stefie and her husband found Nuts on the side of the freeway and took him in as part of their family. But at seven months pregnant, Stefie needs a safe home for the baby.


If Cesar can’t train Nuts out of his aggressive behaviors, Stefie may have to give her beloved pup away.


To figure out what’s driving Nuts’ bad behavior, Cesar asks Stefie to put Nuts on the counter, instead of holding him up like she normally does. When Nuts didn’t react when Cesar hugged Stefie, Cesar knew that Nuts’ barking and nipping wasn’t driven by aggression, but from anxiety.


Now, Cesar knows how to treat him.


The Treatment

To rein in Nuts’ mania, Cesar brought together Stefie and her dance class for a different kind of lesson – Nuts 101. Turns out, Stefie holding Nuts up too high triggered his aggression, so Cesar showed her the right way to hold him…


…and the wrong way.


Next, Cesar has to show Stefie’s students how to pet Nuts more confidently. To teach them how, he shows them what not to do – holding his hand over Nuts’ head and approaching him tentatively.


Cesar even lets Nuts bite him to show Stefie’s students the dangers of nervous dog handling.


Finally, Cesar addresses Nuts’ most concerning behavior – attacking the dancers while they’re in motion. First, a dancer busts some moves in front of Nuts to rile him up.



And Nuts completely loses it.


But after Nuts flails out all his nervous energy, he sinks into a state of retreat. a state of calm that he’ll associate with dancing in the future.



And voila! Nuts’ problems in the studio are solved.



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