Playing Spy Games on Wicked Tuna: Operation T.U.N.A.

On Wicked Tuna at the start of week four, Hot Tuna is in the lead while Miss Sambvca is still looking for its first bluefin. The hunt for fish is on and as things get more desperate, some of the captains resort to espionage. Information leads to some bites, but the captains and crew still have to land them.

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened in this episode.

Captain TJ has an extra hand on this trip, but it’s not someone he is likely to boss around. It’s the captain’s dad, Big Tim. In fact, Tim owns the Hot Tuna and used to be the one at the helm. With a hurt leg, TJ needs the help. But even with Dad on the boat, they aren’t finding fish.

In fact, everyone seems to be having a lull. The Pin Wheel hasn’t seen anything in three days. isn’t hooking up either.  Captain Paul on the Miss Sambvca is pulling up nothing but sharks and he has more than a few choice words for the blue dogs, especially for the one who just took the bait and equipment off of two lines at once.

Things are looking bleak and everyone is looking for the sweet spots. “We have to spy on other boats and find some good numbers,” says Paul. The captains are all burning money in fuel and they need information as bad as they need fish. This isn’t just a game. They need to feed their families.

Meanwhile Tricky Dave has stopped in to the Hot Tuna on a friendly call that is actually a spy mission. He gets a sneak peek at TJs map to see where he  is fishing. Lucky for him, TJ has been ordered off his leg for three days and will be out of the way. Or so Dave thinks.

Even though TJ can’t be out on the boat, when Dave gets to the stolen coordinates, Big Tim is on it, even without his son. Dave’s tactics get him a fish on the line, but that doesn’t mean he pulls it in. “The fish did what we call chewed and screwed,” says Dave. It took the food and ran. Both the captains go back empty-handed.

Tyler and Captain Marciano forge an uneasy alliance to share information. Tyler’s sources send him on a 100 mile trip away from Glouster. It’s a risk, but Marciano is willing to join forces. Paul is listening in to the radio conversation and decides to take the Miss Sambvca on the seven hour trip as well. Turns out, Tyler’s information is golden. Marciano hooks a double, one on each reel. Hard Merchandise takes home 387 lbs of fish for a total of $7,537, putting Captain Marciano closer to the top spot.

Paul’s eavesdropping pays off as well. He also gets a bite. Finally, Miss Sambvca is on the board! He takes home a 192 lbs fish at $15/lb for $2,800. I guess sometimes playing dirty pays.

Want to know who’s in the lead now? Check out the leader board!  Then tune in next week to Wicked Tuna: Bite Fight on Sunday March 23 at 9PM et/pt for more tricky dealings and big fish!


  1. Matt
    Utica new york
    March 17, 2014, 11:06 pm

    Love the show and all the captains are first class all the way. I do however have one question for anybody that has an answer.. why has captain Ralph been limited from the show. He tops in as my favorite personality and he made the show worth watching. I mean how many times can you watch the same crews land tuna Ralph brought a gritty first look from a true fisherman. He portrayed a real vivid look at the world of commercial fisherman with a real life attitude, BRING BACK THE CAPTAIN ON A REGULAR BASIS. Thank you and I look forward to a real life response.

  2. mahiman
    March 19, 2014, 8:08 am

    Are the Otts the same guys that were fined for keeping too many bluefin several years back ? If so, nice vetting natgeo . “Inspiring people to care about the planet” ?????

  3. Barb Whitteker
    March 19, 2014, 7:12 pm

    Why do you keep changing the programs…try towatch wicked tuna and just as I put It on this channel when it says it is on you change the program..what are you doing trying to get everyone to stop watching your channel because I am on the verge of removing this channel from my lineup….NOT IMPRESSED

  4. colleen pomeroy
    March 23, 2014, 9:34 pm

    I’ve been watching wicked tuna since it’s first season and I can’t believe that the Bounty Hunter is still fishing. At first I used to root for them but after watching this long I can see why they don’t catch many fish. I know Scott calls us week end quarter backs but really they need to watch the program and then be honest with themselves. Bill needs to get glasses and I am not sure he doesn’t have the first signs of dementia. I’m not a doctor but he gets flustered real easy and doesn’t seem to know what to do when the chips are down. “Not Good”. But the biggest thing that bothers me with the Bounty Hunter is their whinning. I really think they need to retire as tuna fishing seems to be a very expensive sport. I about died when he hit the line of the fish Scott fought for over three hours last season. I am super glad to see Paul get his own boat as the Bounty Hunter did a bunch of back stabbing when he was on their boat last season. They play the blame game. They should get out of the competetion and take it up as a hobby. If they still want to fish. Neither Bill nor Scott look like their in shape to do any type of physical labor. Donna needs to go home and knit booties. What a joke. As for the rest of last years crews I’m glad to see Ralph gone he was like TNT ready to explode at any minute, scarey. I don’t know what happened to Kevin but it’s a tough business. For this years fishermen keep up the good work it’s a hard job for sure. Bounty Hunter……you need to retire.

  5. Jeff
    April 27, 2014, 7:54 pm

    This show is getting really bad. They must have production meetings and tell everyone what to complain about before each show. First, everyone bitches about everyone stealing there numbers….. Everybody mentioned there numbers on one show . Then, everybody needs a ” paycheck” the next show is all you heard, they won’t get a paycheck , on and on. Then you have losers like “Hollywood ” who can’t hit the broad side of a barn and he thinks he’s I instant f”$@& movie star. He is a huge joke, can’t stand him with that big ego and nothing to back it up, must be blind.Dave is a huge baby to.Paul irritates the hell out of me as well, the show is going to hell in a hand basket fast !!