Where In The World Is The ISS? Follow Its Path With Our Interactive Guide

Hurtling through the sky at 5 miles per second, the International Space Station is a flying laboratory, testing ground and home to the astronauts who study the solar system on the station. Appearing in the sky as a bright, fast-moving light, the ISS normally takes about 90 minutes to orbit the Earth, and is often mistaken for a star or plane.

In the television event Live From Space, National Geographic is taking viewers inside the ISS to experience the lives of the astronauts on board. Get to know the ISS even better with our interactive site, which lets you track the ISS position over the Earth.

This Wednesday afternoon, the ISS passed over the United States before moving down above South America. Want to learn more about the country over which the ISS is traveling? The interactive site displays the top YouTube videos, popular foods, Twitter trending topics, location check-ins and more for each country the ISS passes.

Test out the interactive site for yourself here.

Live From Space premieres on the National Geographic Channel this Friday at 8P. Learn more about how the ISS was built here: