Which Team Will Prevail? Don’t Miss The Season Finale Of Ultimate Survival Alaska

With three teams left competing for the win, Ultimate Survival Alaska concludes tonight with a race to the top of  Mt. Augustine – a 4,000-foot active volcano in the middle of the open ocean. The journey to reach Augustine is nearly as difficult as summiting the mountain, as the teams race across 35 miles of punishing white water rapids and unforgiving seas to reach their final destination.

Before the finale, check in with each group to see where they stand entering the finale:

Team Endurance: As the first team on the river, the Endurance Athletes make great time on the water and are the first to reach the open ocean, and Dallas even catches the team a salmon for their last supper before journeying up Augustine. But when the teams reach the beach, load their team into native kayaks known as bidarkas and start paddling to the Cook Inlet, the other teams catch up.

Team Military: Following a daring cliff jump into the river, the Military team inflates their rafts and gets moving down the river, passing the other teams on track to reach the ocean first. But when they hit a dangerous stretch of class three rapids, Grady flips his raft and becomes stranded on an overhanging tree branch. Luckily, with the help of the Mountaineers, Grady is rescued and rewarmed, and the team heads for their bidarkas.  Using pure strength and determination, the team catches the others on the open ocean and arrives at the volcano first, but the long trek up the rocky incline may hold them back.

Team Mountaineers: After a series of setbacks, the Mountaineers fall behind in the race to Augustine, reaching the river last. Rushing to make up for lost time, the team recklessly powers through the challenging class three rapids before reaching Grady stranded on a tree branch hanging over the water. Refusing to leave a man behind, Tyler makes a daring rescue and the team builds a fire to rewarm Grady’s body, and the team continues their push to the open ocean. As they speed across the water and make up for lost time, they reach the base of the mountain hot on the trail of the other two teams. Can they catch up for lost time?

See who comes out on top in the season finale of Ultimate Survival Alaska tonight at 10P. 


  1. LJW
    March 9, 2014, 5:42 pm

    Can’t wait for the finale. Go Military!

  2. T Brady
    Meadville, PA USA
    March 11, 2014, 1:06 pm

    This is my favorite of all the reality/adventure shows. Everyone is positive and pushing forward. No negativity, wow, what a wonderful feeling to watch them over come adversity and also help eachother all while being competitive. Friendly competition, not cutthroat competition. Thanks to all the teams for you great spirit. And Marty, damn, I’m impressed with what you accomplished. One question for all – how do you recover after being dunked in freezing water?!?! I get cold when my feet are wet!