Meet The Real American Hustlers

From card tricks to Vegas bets, true con artists always have an extra trick up their sleeves. Hustling America follows conman Alexis Conran as he travels across the United States, testing his deception skills by attempting to recreate history’s trickiest hustle: the proposition bet.

Prop bets are outrageous wagers, created and perfected by crooks throughout history to con ordinary people of their money. Winning a prop bet is nearly impossible for the average citizen – without knowing the secret behind the trick, there’s no chance of beating the trickster in a prop bet.

For Alexis Conran, recreating famous prop bets isn’t a money-grabbing scheme, but rather a matter of pride, as he travels to the hometowns of history’s most notorious hustlers and challenges himself to recreate their devious tricks. Born in Paris and raised in Greece, Alexis was introduced to the world of scams, frauds and magic at a young age, working as a professional magician specializing in card cheating before joining the BBC as an adviser in the art of hustling.

For his first mission, Alexis tackles the legacy of a prop bet master: Titanic Thompson, who earned his name by “sinking” all his competition with his bet-winning prowess. He tries to recreate some of Titanic’s famous bets, from throwing 52 playing cards into a hat to getting a dog to fetch a marked stone thrown into a river. Along the way, he discovers which stunts are really possible, and which are just con artist myths.

Travel with Alexis into history’s best cons with Hustling America tonight at 9P.


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    November 25, 2014, 10:00 pm

    I don’t think the sport needs anymore negative publicity.