What’s Your Dream House? Share Your Story

Is your dream house a log cabin, beachfront bungalow, urban brownstone or something in between? Building Wild is collecting your stories about your dream house: where you’ve always wanted to live and why.

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  1. Ashley Walker
    Round Mountain, NC
    March 1, 2014, 7:58 pm

    I am not lying when I say I met my husband in the woods. But before that, I met his father on the French Broad river as I was a raft guide & his friend was the river photographer. I kept bumping into his father, Raven, at the river, in town at live music, pubs, gatherings. He invited me to a celebration on his property on Round Mountain. I went. I arrived in the night on a moonless night & awoke the next morning to the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. I am outdoorsy & have traveled to many beautiful places…I was breathless…I actually felt like I had come home, now that I think back on the day. Total peace. I hiked down to the waterfall, Haganaga “where the sky & the earth make love” & I met my husband. He was walking up from the falls & I was walking down to the falls. We shook hands & something changed…the story becomes more & more & more…over the course of other chance encounters & what ultimately lead to an unbelievable love story, here we are. Desiring to live in the place where we met & fell in love & share it with our family. This is the property where my husband & his sisters were born But they left & moved to CA (John age 5) when his parents split. My husband returned as a teenager to get to know his father & the rural life that formed the earliest years of his life. We met at age 18 in the woods in the most wonderful place that we will ever know. And this summer we celebrate our 15 year marriage on the property. It’s important to know the land was lost, in the sense that it was auctioned & is now owned by a good man. We have always been able to visit. Now we rent the cabin my husband was born in & Raven lives there, while we call Atlanta, GA home…for now. My husband’s 95 year old grandmother, Jean – a real spitfire- has gifted the family neighboring property that she owns. We call it The Glen. She wants nothing more than to make a home there, to leave a legacy to her great grands & so on. My husband & I feel the task is for us to accomplish. We owe it to her, in her lifetime. She is an amazing woman & a generous soul & we want to show her how much she means to us & what an amazing gift to cherish within our family. The land is the greatest gift of all. We are if you give us this opportunity we will eternally be grateful. Our children call it home, our close relatives & friends, join there as often as possible to appreciate the serenity & remarkable beauty. We only ask to have enough space to gather, share meals & be together to make memories.
    We are the hardest workers you will ever know, with a history of carpentry & construction, creativity, lots of love, lots of heart. We would be honored if you will help us make this dream come true. With a hopeful heart, we look forward to speaking with you. Ashley Walker

  2. Traci Sanders
    Matanuska Valley, Alaska
    March 2, 2014, 12:47 am

    My dream cabin is on a lake. It is 20×28 with a loft that extends 8feet over the front 20×32. It has an indoor composting toilet, a fireman’s pole to get down from the loft, a rope to climb up in addition to ladder or stairs, and beautiful windows looking towards the lake. I actually have the land for this cabin with my husband. We’ve had the land for a long time and about four years ago started thinking about building and dragging some supplies in. Last winter we dragged in fifteen cement bases to put our beams on. We’ve hauled in the floor beams and wood for first floor. Our land is accessible during winter by snowmachine and by summer it used to be accessible by ATV and then boat to cross the lake. Currently, there are restrictions during the summer so we have to hike in, no atv on trails. I am pregnant currently and hubby has been working a lot, weather has been crazy this winter, so we haven’t hauled any more materials in. Hubby’s dream cabin is a place to get away and relax in.