Ultimate Seavey Showdown: All-New Web-Series

There’s no denying Ultimate Survival Alaska is one of the fiercest competitions to grace the Alaskan wilderness, but how did these individuals become survivalists? This group of extreme enthusiasts endured one of the harshest landscapes in the United States, bush-wacking, climbing, and fighting their way to the finish line. Some survivalists learn their skills through years of intense training and others are born into the lifestyle.

National Geographic Channel’s all-new web-series, Seavey vs. Seavey, follows the lives of world-class athletes Dallas Seavey and his father, Mitch Seavey. This family comes from a long lineage of tough-as-nails, natural-born competitors and they’ve got a résumé (and the scars) to prove it. Considered Alaskan royalty, Dallas Seavey is the youngest person ever to win the Iditarod race in 2012. And while they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, this family continues to prove that idiom wrong. Just one year after Dallas Seavey’s Iditarod win, Mitch Seavey brought home the trophy at age 53, making him the oldest Iditarod champion.

As if hashing it out on the sled trails isn’t enough, these two are constantly battling it out—a necessary push and pull, keeping each other keenly on their toes and ready for the win. Their competitive nature is just plain, old father-and-son fun; and whether it’s during a sled race or an everyday task, their constantly leveraging who can do it better or faster. The web-series Seavey vs. Seavey is a deeper look inside the Seavey family’s everyday lives and leads to the ultimate and final showdown — a Seavey vs. Seavey sled dog race. Find out what happens when Seavey and Seavey go head to head, putting everything on the line for the final showdown.

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