For spotted hyenas, anatomy, sex, and birth are wildly (and weirdly) different than any other species. Elevated levels of testosterone cause the females to not only act extremely aggressive toward their male counterparts during sex, which is actually downright dangerous for the males, but also cause the females to develop pseudo-penises. These appendages are essentially an extended clitoris, some that can grow as long as 7 inches. But the problem with these hyena pseudo-penises is that it becomes the path through which the mother has to give birth through, a very tiny tube. The first time female hyenas give birth, they lose a lot of their young. In fact, 60% of hyena cubs die of suffocation inside the pseudo penis. But to truly understand just how bizarre this is, you must watch the video clip from tonight’s premiere of “World’s Weirdest: Extremities”:

You think that’s weird? It’s only the beginning. Tonight at 9P on World’s Weirdest: Extremities, billions of years of evolution and more than one million species have created a very weird world, and some very bizarre body parts. From sex-crazed slugs to Kung Fu crustaceans, blood-firing lizards and zombie snails, we journey from the ocean depths to deserts and tropical rainforests to reveal that for some creatures, the truth really is stranger than fiction. We showcase some of the strangest, most shocking animal appendages on the planet, and uncover their evolutionary advantages.

Tune in to Nat Geo WILD tonight at 9p!


  1. The Guy with the Dogs
    Southern Maryland
    February 28, 10:21 pm

    WTF does this religious/apocalypse quack Begley keep appearing after the breaks on “Live”? Is this some sort of homage to Fox in return for airing science-based shows or something?
    Although he’s mildly amusing, he detracts from the credibility of the show and cheapens the whole affair.

    Other than that, I love the show; it gives one an inkling of how complex and interesting this world really is.