A ‘Diggers’ Christmas Eve: Catch The All-Day Marathon

Finished your holiday shopping early? Need a break from all the Christmas movies? We’ve got you covered with a day-long Diggers marathon, featuring all-new episodes that follow the adventures of treasure hunters KG and Ringy.

The two metal detecting buffs “King George” Wyant and Tim “The Ringmaster” Saylor take their hobby seriously, traveling the country looking for lost relics of history in their digs. Invited by landowners, historians and archaeologists to dig for treasure, the two crewmates aren’t motivated by money, but rather the thrill of the hunt and a genuine love of history.

From the battlefields of Gettysburg to New Orleans’ French Quarter, the pair visit sites rich in history to unearth hidden relics of the past. While the pair call themselves treasure hunters, most relics of the past they uncover—old coins, guns, rings, jewelry and tools— have relatively little monetary value. But the low payout doesn’t discourage KG and Ringy from their relentless searching, spending long days in the field and digging countless holes to find a few humble artifacts, while dreaming of the rare gold treasures they hope to unearth someday.

Catch up on KG and Ringy’s journeys with an all-day Christmas Eve marathon.

Learn more about the tools archaeologists use in their digs:


  1. Dennis Wingert
    Burkburnett, TX
    December 24, 2013, 1:10 pm

    I LOVE Diggers!!! These guys are so passionate about their search for history. You’ve ruined my day in a wonderful way. All day Diggers? Seriously, my schedule has been cleared. I’m glued to the tube. 🙂

  2. George Dawson
    North Carolina USA
    December 24, 2013, 9:01 pm

    First Off. Nobody does anything in this time for nothing!!! That said, The show could use an upgrade Drop some of the buffoonery and inject some science to theshow there is a good amount of science behind metal detecting that the show doesn’t cover. Just my thoughts on the matter. Thank You. G. Dawson

  3. namod von patton
    December 24, 2013, 9:37 pm

    what the hell are we watching here? “ringmaster”! “king”! of what… the bungle? these guys are borderline “special needs” material… complete morons. they’re a cautionary tale for all glue huffers and extasy abusers – neither one of them could find their buttholes with a map. i suggest these nitwits put the metal detectors down and round up a posse to help them locate a brain they might share. and a sense of humor. worst show on television.