Watch: ‘Meltdown’ Mines Tooth Fillings For Gold

Gold-diggers, take note. Tonight, two new episodes of Meltdown follow the fiercely competitive world of urban treasure hunting. These precious metals experts employ unorthodox methods of gold prospecting to scrape up profits from junkyards, pawn shops and city streets, hoping to recover metal treasures and melt them down for cash.

But the craziest stunt of the night belongs to Ron, a business owner and precious metals vet who’s unafraid to search outside the box for hidden treasure. While the other urban prospectors looks for metals in engines and old medical equipment, Ron sets his sights on dental fillings. Hoping to cash in on tooth-filling gold. Ron goes mobile in his armored truck the Beast, visiting local dentists to see if they are interested in selling their scraps.

Can Ron smelt together enough dental fillings to turn a toothy profit? Find out tonight on an all-new Meltdown doubleheader, starting at 10P.

Watch Ron’s visit to the dentist:


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