The Final Freeze: Watch the Life Below Zero Finale Tonight

After a long summer of battling the thaw, Life Below Zero‘s Alaskan adventurers are running on empty. On tonight’s season finale, it’s a Long Road Home for the four camps of wilderness dwellers, as they brace themselves for the treacherous winter ahead.

Struggling all summer to scrape by on Chandalar’s dwindling food supply, Glenn needs help. Resources are drying up, game is scarce and edible plants are few and far between.  In order to survive, Glenn embarks on a 60-mile journey out of the wild and back to civilization, with only a small ration of food to last him through the difficult journey.

For the Hailstone clan, the annual salmon run is vital for their survival. Every year, thousands of salmon make their way from the oceans to the rivers around Noorvik, and the family relies on their native fishing technique, perfected over hundreds of years, for enough fish to last them through the months ahead.

Sue faces a dire situation in Kavik. With the winter months fast approaching, she’s out of fuel and saddled with a roof full of holes on her compound. After a perilous summer season spent preparing for the winter months, Sue’s running behind schedule and her business is at risk.

For Andy and Kate, building their dream home is a nightmare. In order to pour the foundation for their future house, they must travel down the Yukon River to retrieve two-ton bags of gravel, unloading them with a makeshift crane. Will the dangerous process halt their plans in its tracks?

After a season of hard work and well-won survival, the Life Below Zero camps are running out of time before winter’s arrival. Will they make it through the thaw?

Say goodbye to Sue, Glenn, the Hailstones and the rest of Life Below Zero on the season finale tonight at 10P.


  1. doc
    December 9, 2013, 8:30 am

    Andi kate ….Do NOT Listen to these IDIOT
    This Show plays maybe 6 min (chopped up) of edited tape in 1hour for 10 shows. 10 weeks of film put into maybe a total of 45 min in each life. H ow Long Kate n Andi together . 43 min of chopped up info in a 25+ marrage….shut up and only ask intelligent questions.
    Hello Andi…the cabin you and Kate live in now seems to be like a standerd kit of some kind. If true what catalogs or compny. I would Love to use one on my property as a mother-in-law cabin. Thans you. Doc

  2. Wolfmaster82
    Syracuse, NY
    December 18, 2013, 3:22 am

    Sue… you need to demand a RAISE! You generate more pro/con viewer response than anyone- You are exactly what the producers want! People either love you or hate you… AND they feel COMPELLED to voice their opinion(s) about you! This means $ to NG! Personally, anyone who can admit “She’s an old bitch but she still likes to smoke!” – referring to your fuel supply plane, is OK by me!!! STAY REAL!

  3. diffwomyn
    Shelton, WA
    April 10, 2014, 6:54 pm

    Sue….have you ever thought of writing a book about your ‘life below zero’? i love the way you describe your life…..and with detail, colorful descriptions AND you tell it like it is!!!!!!!

  4. Mary Lou Cummings
    Apache Jct, AZ
    April 17, 2014, 6:45 pm

    Set my DVR for ONLY NEW EPISODES, but tonight’s episode had so much repeat footage, it was necessary to fast forward thru much of it. If it says, ALL NEW, viewers expect NEW!