Betty White Gets Catty In Her First-Ever Documentary

Did you know – Betty White’s two childhood dream jobs were a Hollywood actress and a zookeeper? While Betty ended up striking it big on-screen instead of wrangling zoo animals, with over 60 years in show business under her belt, her love of animals, as she says, “goes back to the womb.”As the spokeswoman for National Geographic’s “Cause an Uproar” big cat initiative, she’s just as passionate today about animal behavior and welfare. Betty works as an advocate, campaigner and a fund raiser for animal projects, serving on the board of the Los Angeles Zoo for nearly fifty years.  “Wherever I travel, I try to steal time to check out whatever zoo is in reach,” she says.

Now, Betty’s on a mission to spread her big cat passion.  In Betty White Goes Wild!, Nat Geo Wild joins Betty for her first ever documentary film, a rare look into Betty’s love for animals. The seven-time Emmy Award winner travels to the Los Angeles and San Diego zoos on a special journey, bringing her face-to-face with ten of the planet’s most amazing cats.

Betty White Goes Wild! is a backstage pass into Betty’s irreverent tour of everything big cat. Catch the exclusive documentary tonight at 9P. 

Get schooled by Betty on the U.S.’s own big cat, the mountain lion:


  1. Jeff Oline
    United States
    December 6, 2013, 9:21 pm

    Tryin to get something fixed, that’s why I need to talk to the fabulous damsel, Betty White. Next year if they decide to create a fantasy football supercat, it should be yours. If you were runnin the show I know you wouldn’t have forgotten the lowly oft forgotten cousin, for some parts,the black sheep cat,the hyena. Jaws, stamina, and the queen runs the show!
    Betty.. Betty.. Betty.. Betty..

  2. Andre Isom
    Washington, DC.
    December 9, 2013, 5:21 pm

    Betty White just not hitting it with me. I look at lions as strong, manly, wild, Hurter, etc.
    Betty White as kitten, soft, unadventurous. I don’t want to be a hater on her, I love her on TV all my life, I’m 50, but it seems to me like you’re look to get a audience that should be already there. And please stop making up all those crazy made up reality shows. Please. I love National Geo.. I do.