A Deadly Combination: Catch The Drugs, Inc. Marathon

From producer to dealer to seller, Drugs, Inc. follows the destructive drug economy from beginning to end. This tripleheader sheds light on every step of the process, from the people who secretly cook their product in mountain ranges and Amazon forests to the wealthy drug peddlers to the users whose addictions have destroyed their lives.

First, explore the the underground world of drugs through the eyes of its mercenaries in The Drug Makers. A former British gangster serves as the guide into the illicit underworld of hash-making, visiting a secret production location hidden in the mountains.  The episode follows high-grade cannabis growers in Holland, tracks the trail of a batch of raw opium from an Afghan poppy field to an Iranian heroin lab, and looks at the supply chain of cocaine through the eyes of Colombian peasant farmers producing the drug in a paste. From crack chefs in Las Vegas to Amazonian locals harvesting the hallucinogenic Ayahuasca plant, Drugs Inc. travels all over the world to uncover drug trades you didn’t know existed.

Drug users are profiled next in Going To Extremes. Drug kingpins may make millions and live lavishly off their profits, but they rarely associate with the cruel reality of the business – the ruined lives of their products’ users. We meet a teenager whose crystal meth addiction caused him to steal his mother’s car and money, a “poly-drug” cocaine and heroin addict who turns to prostitution,  a former military officer who smokes hash to deal with the pain of a gunshot wound and a homeless man hooked on the lethal horse tranquilizer xylazine. Most tragic is a once-successful Seattle-based entrepreneur now broke and homeless after spending the last 13 years battling a debilitating cocaine addiction.

The last episode spotlights the dealers that focus their efforts on servicing the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Every pill popped and pipe smoked comes with a price tag, and Best in the Business looks at the producers and sellers that pull enormous profits for their product. In London, “the Postman” delivers drugs to London’s elite, a Canadian seller dupes the system to mail narcotics to Montana, and Detroit dealers cater to inner-city clientele by running a micro-business selling tiny amounts of hard drugs for single-digit prices. And in Los Angeles, a crooked doctor supplies Adderall to starlets as a weight loss aid.

Catch the Drugs, Inc. three-episode marathon on Sunday at 8P.


  1. Lynn Calvin
    Clifton Park NY
    November 24, 2013, 3:51 pm

    The series is interesting and well-documented, but the idiot who does the captioning can’t spell worth beans. The episode “Zombie Island” contained a segment in which drug runners threw bundles of drug packages into the ocean. The captions called these bundles “bails.” It’s “bales” you bozo.