Hunger Games: Alaska’s Cruel Summers

Conventional wisdom tells us that food is scarcest in the winter. But in the Alaskan wilderness, living off the land is hardest in the summer. As caribou migrate away to different areas, hunting or trapping big game is nearly impossible during the warmer months. And as insects follow the rising temperatures into town, preserving meat is even more difficult.

As a result, the wilderness trailblazers of Life Below Zero are desperate for resources.

Frontiersman Glenn is running dangerously low on food. Unable to hunt his precious caribou, which sustained him through the winter months, he’s forced to go fishing, which results in far less sustenance. His attempts to catch fish are met with hordes of mosquitoes – and no fish. Plus, his aversion to insect spray turns him into a magnet for bugs.

Meanwhile in Kavik, Sue is also on a search for big game to hunt. When she spots a strange shadow on the horizon, she’s certain it’s a caribou, and heads into the tundra to investigate, but finds nothing. Faced with dwindling resources, she makes the risky choice to scour a riverside for coal to use as energy – while standing directly under a fast-melting, unstable ice shelf.

Will Glenn and Sue scavenge their way to survival, or will Alaska’s brutal summers do them in? Find out tonight on Life Below Zero at 10P.


  1. Sharon
    November 19, 2013, 6:31 pm

    On life below zero – want happened to erik salitan? How come he is no longer on the show?