Do You Believe In Zombies?

Part science lesson, part survival show and part slapstick comedy: Monster Survival Guide is a kooky mockumentary that takes on the world’s most frightening (and fake) monsters. Faux cryptozoologist,Campbell Macabre and his ragtag team tackle how to identify, battle and defeat those pesky undead fiends hungry for the flesh of humans: zombies.

Relying on flawed found video footage and not-so-eyewitness accounts, Campbell and his crew investigate what types of zombies they’re up against. From Phase One zombies known as Berserkers for their wild energy to the Crawlers, Stage Three monsters with bodies so decomposed they’re no longer able to stand, Campbell sets out to track, capture, kill and study the zombies, always with the goal of showing viewers how to survive a real-life encounter.

On Monster Survival Guide, the monsters are made-up, the stunts are fake and the cast is in on the joke – but the fun is real. And should a zombie apocalypse unexpectedly arrive at your doorstep, Campbell’s tips and tricks will have you covered.

Tune into Monster Survival Guide Sunday, Nov. 17 at 10P.


  1. Ray
    November 24, 2013, 11:16 am

    I cant believe that nat geo would stoop to the level of network broadcasting of today. Reality shows are the frosting on the cake for the dumbing down of america.
    an institution such as nat geo that used to stand for advanced education and exploration has been self degraded by the drive for ratings. instead of jumping on the band wagon. Maybe a paradigm shift is in order.

  2. Ben
    December 3, 2013, 8:41 pm

    Ray you fool. This isn’t a reality show its a spoof of a reality show. That mocks a common show with a talking head usually a specialist describes a particular situation. In this case the guy describes methods of killing zombies. Abviously fiction and doesnt represent the level of broadcasting on this network. Yes Nat Geo network doesnt stand up to our memories of the magazine growing up but its certainly not because of this show, which you didn’t watch. I did watch it but cant seem to find out anything about when it airs again. bummer it was hilarious.