Sue v. Mother Nature: Life Below Zero Is On Tonight

Kavik, AK is a town with a population of one: Sue Aikens. The six camps on Life Below Zero all work to adapt to the Alaskan bush’s harsh conditions, but Sue is unique in her tough-as-nails resilience, single-handedly keeping Kavik River Camp running.

But when the summer comes, Sue is faced with a formidable foe: Mother Nature. The Alaskan thaw rapidly melts the region’s snow, the resulting floods encroaching on Sue’s runway. To make essential extra revenue, Sue keeps Kavik River Camp open in the summer as a landing strip for aircraft and base camp for researchers. No runway, no supplies, no business: if the camp floods, she could lose everything.

Luckily, the normally-solitary Sue has help this summer season from Rick, a local Alaskan. Extra hands on deck have never been more needed at Kavik River Camp, as the two race against time to clear the runway for normal operations. Will forces of nature take down Sue’s business, or can she yet again conquer the odds and survive?

Find out what happens tonight on Life Below Zero tonight at 10P.


  1. Rick
    November 6, 2013, 10:29 pm

    Andy needs some serious attention with his anger management.

    Sue makes the best what nature deals her.

  2. Karen
    November 7, 2013, 4:12 pm

    This appears to be a hunting show. Not impressed.

  3. joe morrison
    las vegas
    November 11, 2013, 12:59 pm

    where is erik? wolves?

  4. Mary Danner
    November 19, 2013, 9:43 pm

    I admire all the people in Life Below Zero! Sue is undoubtedly the most gutsy resident of the series. It takes a special kind of person to live and SURVIVE in those situations. Anyone who criticise your way of life is a pansy!!

  5. Sherri Jones
    North Carolina
    November 20, 2013, 8:29 pm

    You are a tough woman. I admire your ability to thrive in such a remote and harsh environment. A woman of substance for sure. Your grandchildren must be very proud of you. A fine example of being self sufficient and going after what you want. Thanks for sharing your story

  6. Terri Jacobs
    United States
    November 21, 2013, 11:19 pm

    Sue, I only watch the show to watch your segments. You are the most interesting & most crazy. ha ha But that’s why I love watching you. You don’t mince words, emotions, or nothing. Love your attitude. Admire you for being so self-sufficient, fearless & your views on society.
    Being nearly 50 yrs old come January I feel the dreaded forces of gravitiy. I too don’t care for the general population of society. But you my lady are a hell more brave han I ever will. You are woman hear you roar. ha ha
    I am glad you got a dog knowing that you love animals. She can be ur extra eyes & ears. Plus if you need someone besides yourself to yell at she will be a great listener & not sass back. ha ha. Thanks for allowing me in & sharing a small portion of your life with us so that we can understand your way of life. Hopefully, we will take something from you that we can apply to our own lives & learn. Thanks again & I appreciate all you go through & do!

    wentworth, location, errol, new hampshire
    November 22, 2013, 9:14 am

    hi Sue, and a huge hi to everyone up there. I watch your show constantly. from early in the am, through the mornings, and evenings. I don’t get any house work done around here. I applaud all of you, for being so brave to put up with these conditions. but, right here in nh, we have some mountains, too!! if a person wanted to live like you guys do, they could just take off for the mountains. and get away with everything they can. I would like you to tell me sue, when you were out there looking for that point, for the water , how come you didn’t have that marked with a tall reflector or something that would take the guess work out ??? and where was your rifle ?? if a polar bear or wolf, came up behind you, what would you have done ? I always think of that when I am out hunting. would love to come up for a month, and visit with you, and help you. so, give me an email if you can. I really would like to talk with you, and I have more questions, and possibly some answers ~~