Are There Ghosts In Your Bourbon? Inside A Haunted Distillery

During the daytime hours, the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky produces bourbon whisky. But at night, the distillery is filled with spirits of a more ominous kind.

Just in time for Halloween is tonight’s Inside: Secret America, where journalists and ghost hunters Mariana van Zeller and Darren Foster pay a visit to Buffalo Trace, a notorious site for the paranormal. One of Kentucky’s finest exports, over 95% of the world’s bourbon comes from the state. But inside Buffalo Trace’s warehouses exist 200 years of reported paranormal activity, a history that traces back to the beginning of bourbon distilling.

In this episode, Mariana ventures into the warehouses of Buffalo Trace to see if apparitions actually exist among the barrels of bourbon. Armed with only a Ghost Meter Pro, a hand-held device that measures ghosts’ movements in the atmosphere, she will attempt to communicate with the spirits, asking them questions to gain insight into paranormal life forms.

Two-thirds of Americans believe in ghosts. Are you one of them? Explore Kentucky’s haunted history with Inside: Secret America tonight at 10P.